a login script that checks a users group(s)

By phildeck ·
I need to find options for creating a login script that checks a users group(s) and runs sections based on whether the user is a member of that group

Example If I am a member of the Dev group and marketing group then two sections of script should run mapping different drives.

2003 server

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Check this out. Great tool for creating logon scipts.

by 1bn0 In reply to a login script that check ...

Create the drives.txt and printers.txt files.

Then creating drive and printer mappings based on group membership is just a matter of selecting from the drop down boxes.

I found and used this tool when I wanted to create a common logon script to replace the dozen or so batch files that were being used at work.


Logon Script Generator
This free tool is an HTA that generates a fully functional VBScript logon script. Now you can script without scripting! At the very least you can quickly generate the foundation of a VBScript logon script that you can further modify and extend. The HTA generates VBScript code, lets you preview it and then save it to a file. Once saved, you can edit the code in PrimalScript with the click of a button. If you don't have PrimalScript, the saved script can be opened in Notepad. Requirements: Windows XP and an Active Directory domain.

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