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A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

By jkameleon ·

It's hip--and profitable--to be in IT. InformationWeek's annual salary survey shows compensation packages continue to rise as the demand for IT talent outstrips the supply--and technology workers are enjoying newfound respect from the business community.
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There are three constants for talented IT professionals, says Daversa: passion for the work, the prestige associated with it, and the prosperity it offers. In the pursuit of ever-greater compensation and challenge, the love of the work remains.
Enamics Inc's Saltzman may echo other IT professionals' sentiments when she says she just can't stay away. "When I started my career, I migrated away from technology for a while, but I came back to tech because things change so fast," she says. "Nothing ever gets stale. People who end up in the field reflect that. It's very exciting, and a great world to be in."

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And the same is true now...

by Matthew Moran In reply to A Long Time Ago in a Gala ...

Most interesting about this article was what it says under "hot Jobs"...

"One of the most in-demand IT professionals for 2006 is the rare breed of technologist with a firm grasp of business processes who can deliver on projects. Industry recruiters say it's becoming a buyers market for project managers."

Hey, waayyyy back in 1999 and 2000 when I first published my article, Why Technologists Must Learn To Speak Business, that is the type of technologists I found to be valuable and is what I still believe SHOULD BE THE NORM AND THE GOAL FOR EVERY IT Pro.

It is why the longest chapter in my book is on Concept Over Process - a project development/business analysis methdology.

My perspective in 1996-2000 was that the rank and file IT worker made WAAYYY more than they were worth. We are in a good correction and a good industry - for those who want to produce and bring value.

Of course, I do not call these people, or myself, project managers. I refer to them as "Business Solutions Specialist" and technology just happens to be their primary tool.

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Matthew Moran
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I was taught right at the start

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to And the same is true now. ...

a computer program, the computer itself is only part of the solution. Serious propeller heads forget the most important components of a computer system, people. However I don't see that many of this type about nowadays. I do have to deal with a lot of business heads who make technology decisions based on their expertise. Oh well pendulums swing by their very nature.

If these people think this is a new trend it's explains various recent crashes, they've been asleep at the wheel. I've been providing business solutions since the late eighties.

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