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    A malicious phone call? Does anyone knows something?


    by evgo_a


    I just got a phone call, which I was not able to answer, as my cell phone is on silent mode and I just saw it too late.

    The interesting part was the phone code – as I am expecting international calls on my personal mobile, I decided to trace the number to see which country it comes from.

    Called from: +393193269046.

    The even more interesting part is, when I decided to search with Google, I came to this:

    But the best was that country code 39 corresponds to the Vatican City!

    Now… looks like what I experienced is something new. I know the everyday scammers and this is something different. As I cannot investigate further, Does somebody knows something on this?

    Question is: What is this and how it harms me?

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      by evgo_a

      In reply to A malicious phone call? Does anyone knows something?


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      [i]In nomine Patris et Fillii et Spiritus Sancti …[/i]

      by older mycroft

      In reply to A malicious phone call? Does anyone knows something?

      Are you for real ??

      Your mobile phone tells you that you’ve missed a call, so you haven’t answered it, yet you immediately assume it to be bogus ?

      You’re [b]expecting[/b] international calls yet you are immediately suspicious of a missed international call ?

      What EXACTLY is your purpose in owning a mobile phone ?

      The endemic population of the Vatican City is around the 900 mark. The daily throughput of humans is substantially greater than that figure, because of all the businesses situated within that predefined area, not including the commercial and tourist traffic.

      The ‘Vatican City’ is a Sovereign State surrounded by a WALL, in the middle of Rome. Therefore ANYONE who happens to make a mobile phone call, and also happens to be standing within the boundaries of the Vatican City, will generate the code for the Vatican City, because they are using the mobile phone repeaters in that area of Rome. You weren’t getting a phone call from the Pope, just from someone standing in the Vatican City in Rome. :^0

      [u]Question is: What is this and how it harms me?[/u]

      [u]Answer is: It’s a missed call and you may now never get to Heaven.[/u] 馃槈

      Get REAL !!

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        RE : [i]Get REAL !!

        by oh smeg

        In reply to [i]In nomine Patris et Fillii et Spiritus Sancti …[/i]

        No OM you miss the entire point of things here. This person claims that they are expecting an [b]International Call[/b] and immediately turn off the sound of their phone.

        I’m assuming that they are not using the Vibrating Option either because they would get too much enjoyment out of it and they don’t want anyone to know that they have a [b]Vibrating Phone.[/b] Cus [b]Nice People[/b] don’t use Vibrators. :p

        It’s obvious that the Phone Call they there where expecting should be from a Known Phone Number complete with Country Code because they are expecting that call. So they know which Phone Number will call them and immediately recognize it by the Country Code. 馃榾

        I like the way that this one immediately jumps to conclusions that it’s someone out to [b]Get Them[/b] and fail;s to grasp the possibility that particularly in Europe as a person travels around they will be in Different Country Regions and as such generate different Call Codes. It’s also completely [b]Impossible[/b] that someone may have dialed a [b]Wrong Number[/b] as well. :^0

        The moral of the story is that the Pope attempted to call the OP here to give them all of the Wealth of the Holy Catholic Church as reparations for the sins of the church over the past 1,500 or so years but as they didn’t answer that has now been offered to someone else who answers their phone when it rings. :^0 :p

        Col ]:)

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          You both miss the point.

          by evgo_a

          In reply to RE : [i]Get REAL !!

          I think both of you can’t read because you never read what I typed.

          I don’t know how you call yourself IT professionals, as you think so flat. But who cares anyway.

          The article which link I posted, plus the two others I’ve found later are very clear, that there is something strange. Have you read these? Doubt. Oh forgot – the requirement to read these is to know how to use a web browser and of course Google, if you know what this is. The people writing there all complain of:

          1) having a missed call
          – or nobody answering
          – or having operator telling them nonsense
          2) from phones with close numbers
          3) most of them starting 393
          4) most of the cases being of close time

          Now. I am not suspicious in general. But here appears a pattern. Of course for the people who can notice it.

          So I was asking for people who might know something or people who might investigate. As you can see – I was asking for replies of intelligent people, so both of you can save your typing, as it’s not for you. Go play a game instead.


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          Well, speaking of knowing how to use a Browser …

          by older mycroft

          In reply to You both miss the point.

          YOU could do with a little education in that respect yourself.

          The world is awash with the single thought that:…
          [i][b]”I read it on the Internet so it MUST be true!!”[/i][/b]

          Having been suckered in by a bunch of twits on this CallFerret website, you are blundering around panicking, believing everything that you’ve read. If you had taken it upon yourself to check a little further into this mire, you might have come to a different conclusion.

          For example, according to the site of British Telecom (the original British National Telephone Company):

          +39 is NOT in fact the international dialling code for the Vatican City – it is the international dialling code for [b]ITALY, including the VATICAN CITY.[/b]

          Indeed, if your call had originated from a landline within the Vatican city, the STD (the Subscriber Trunk Dialling) number following the ‘+39’ would have [b]HAD[/b] to be 066982 – your phantom was different. Given that you were “[i]awaiting an international call[/i]” WHY could it not have been from a mobile telephone in Italy ? WHY must it have been a malicious call from someone out to get you ??

          Did you always think it was someone out to get you, or only AFTER you read the CallFerret website ?

          Therefore do you choose to believe an internationally recognised telephone company, or some fools on a site that just enjoy the image of their own nonsensical words?

          [i]I was aware of the above details when I began this journey into ribald humour at your expense.[/i]

          I suggest you research your facts a little more deeply in future before asking foolhardy questions and then questioning those that find your stupidity amusing. 馃檪

          [u]Just in case you don’t believe me…[/u]

          [b]You’ll have to scroll down (can you scroll ?) to ‘ V ‘ for the Vatican City STD.[/b]

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          Bit more reads, still not at the point.

          by evgo_a

          In reply to Well, speaking of knowing how to use a Browser …

          Oh dear, at least this time you showed you had read a bit of the first post.

          Since you seem not understand it, I’ll write it clear now:

          1) I’m not in panic, I don’t think they want to fraud me, I’m very curious.

          Where is something that seems interesting, I try to learn about it. And having a bunch of people calling around the globe, seems interesting. Neither you or me or whoever just dials numbers here and there. Looks they found a cheaper way or something. Maybe testing something, who knows.

          Experience shows, that if someone tries to approach you, it’s often for a profit.

          2) I don’t think he’s really calling from Vatican – the first two sites I used to check the code, had “Vatican City” for “39” code.

          3) I don’t take something written on a site for 100% true, but when many people asks the same question, especially on more than one site, as I’ve found, this makes me curious.

          and finally:

          4) The question was: Does anyone knows something on this? – obviously you don’t know nothing at all, you’re not answering the topic and you’re not helpful. You’re useless.

          But at last – try finding something else to be original, than making fun of others. Try harder. I’m sure you’ll end up with something.

          Now, if you can’t answer the topic, or to be more precise – point four of the current post – “4)” – save your typing, save the traffic and do something else instead.

          Have a nice day.

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          Recommended Fix

          by robo_dev

          In reply to Well, speaking of knowing how to use a Browser …

          Remove the battery of the phone, apply electrical insulating tape to cover both the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. Reinstall the battery and listen for calls.

          If the phone continues to ring, and/or the pope is on the line, it may not be a hardware issue 馃檪

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      Same, same only different?

      by andre.aanensen

      In reply to A malicious phone call? Does anyone knows something?

      The following is a Google translation from this Norwegian article (–Ikke-ring-tilbake-898787.html) so some of the expressions/words don’t come out right:

      “Have you been called by a mysterious, foreign issue in the last few days? Beginning with the digits 00 30 57?

      When you’re not alone. And it dummest you can do is to call back.

      From Crete
      – We have had a tremendous influx of people who wonder what this is for something, “said Guri Wormdahl, communications director Opplysningen 1881.

      They have found that the number originating from Crete. And by all indications we are dealing with a fraud.

      The method is for every well-known: You are called, but the conversation is lost. About curiosity takes over and you call back, you can expect that the price is more than minutes.

      – This is a phenomenon that appears at irregular intervals, “says public affairs manager Knut Sollid in Telenor.

      He has not examined whether Telenor have been questions about exactly this issue, but the Council is ready NOK: Do not call back. For all share.

      You must pay
      – People must gradually become aware of what a mobile phone is. It is a computer. Fraud is widespread. Our sole recommendation is clear: if you get a message from an unknown number, then delete it. Are you called, you must not call back, “said Sollid.

      If you do, you probably need to pay yourself. It’s unlikely to get krypende to the phone company.

      – In principle the customer have to be aware of who he is calling. However, all complaints will be seriously considered. It has happened, under certain conditions, that the customer has received compensation, “said Sollid, without wanting to elaborate on this.”

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        Knut Sollid – What a name !! – Hideo Kojima couldn’t do better …

        by older mycroft

        In reply to Same, same only different?

        He created Solid Snake (Soriddo Suneku [i]in Japanese[/i]) but Knut Sollid could’ve been Snake’s accomplice!

        I thought it was a wind-up until I checked him out! 馃榾

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