A message after "myOlApp.GetNamespace("MAPI").CurrentUser"

By aline ·
Dear all
I'm using the code
to get the name of an e-mail account name
but a worming message appear said "A Program trying to access e-mail information ........."
does any one have an idea to not let this message appear ???????????????? please SOS

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From Outlook Security Patch

by Wayne M. In reply to A message after "myOlApp. ...

It sounds like you are using Microsoft's Simple MAPI. These pop ups were added as a security patch a while ago (see )

The solution is to rewrite into Extended MAPI or CDO. I haven't done anything with address books, but you can probably turn up some stuff with a google search on Extended MAPI, also do a search at the MSDN site ( ) and the MAPI-L mailing list site from the first link.

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