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A Modest Proposal

By santeewelding ·
The Discussion interface between TR and the World may ought to be just that, by some other name.

Scrap all everything else.

Nevermind the inherited, accountant-like distinctions, like Discussions, Questions, and The Outhouse.

Call this Portal, this one portal, something else.

Throw open the doors. Come one, come all -- and, Welcome.

One portal.

Afterall, that's what people are doing for the larger part. People, real people, knock on this front door. People all the way from the tremulous and backwater "Dear Sir" to the email problem to the, "What is this all about and who am I?"

Welcome. We aim to help and to please. All of us.

Your concierge, Jason -- having laid aside his oh-so-urgent quill -- will usher you with senior equanimity along your way. Or, he could pay any number of smart-asses here to relieve him of that help-desk duty while he tries in his current, frenetic fashion to organize our Universe. Or, he could throw it open to those same smart-asses, cross his fingers, and look away. They would not let him down.

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