A monitor is a monitor, right?

By jdclyde ·
Ok folks, a question for you hardware people.

Looking for some lcd monitors, but on a budget (very tight).

Systems are used primarily for browsing web and IM sessions for my boys.

Other than the overall resolution available, what are the factors other than price I should watch for? Seeing 19" for as low as $79.

Needs to be VGA, but would like the ability to move to DVI later.

If a monitor should get moved to a gaming rig, what are the "must have" features to watch for?

No, I do not care about if it has speaker built in or not.



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There are some things

by Slayer_ In reply to A monitor is a monitor, r ...

Contrast rations, viewing angles, etc. Refresh rate, latency.

Honestly, I still say LCD's were a huge step back from what CRT's were. I'll put my 22inch CRT up against any modern LCD. People are always blown away at the clarity and smoothness of images. Not to mention my CRT is already older than the average lifespan for LCD's and I only played 200 bucks for it.

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Space restrictions is primary concern

by jdclyde In reply to There are some things

Where I am putting these, there isn't a whole lot of table top space, so using an lcd gives room for homework.

I am going to have to take a look around for something comparing the energy consumption between lcd and crts, as well as heat generation.

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You don't wanna know :)

by Slayer_ In reply to Space restrictions is pri ...

Its pretty bad though.

But I look at it this way

200 bucks for a CRT that will last at least 20 years.
300 bucks for comparable LCD to last 2 to 3 years.

Free heat for basement from CRT
Free radiation cancer treatment from CRT
Everything looks better on CRT. It refreshes faster, supports 1600 x 1200 resolution nicely, and will never have damaged pixels. Graphic effects actually glow on screen, everything looks more realistic on a CRT.

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on a different note

by shasca In reply to What a coinkydink

I have a cowoker that has a relative that works for electonics retailer. His words for shopping for a flat screen Tv was name recognition was pretty much a non-issue, that one should shop price as all the systems come from basically the same assembly line anyway. To me that was a real eye opener. I bought a hi-end Sony anyway.

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by jdclyde In reply to What a coinkydink

missed that one. well, actually, been missing a lot of them lately....

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what's the per monitor budget?

by CG IT In reply to A monitor is a monitor, r ...


I've used Hanns monitors for about 3 years now. They have both VGA and DVI. Currently using the 22" and 19" wide screens. The 19" wide screen is a really good monitor. The 19" model is the HW191D.

here's a page:

the 22" I'm using is a big monitor.

I would go with wide screen rather than standard if it fits in your budget. Only way to go imo

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Hey - I've got that 22" myself ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to what's the per monitor bu ...

Haven't had a single problem and I still have to dim it sometimes if I'm playing into the "wee sma' oors".

Yup, the Hi221D is definitely my flavour of the last 18 months without a doubt.

The twin video ports is a boon. My laptop is currenly almost permanently attached so if my tower is crunching something I leave it alone and switch over to the laptop on the big screen - sheer bliss (if a lot slower!).

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Love mine it's a tall sucker though

by CG IT In reply to Hey - I've got that 22" m ...

compared to the 19" with is shorter but almost the same width.

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Folk keep asking me where my sub-woofer is ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Love mine it's a tall su ...

It sits (hides) quite happily behind my Hanns-G Hi221D which gives me much needed foot space in the footwell of my computer desk.

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