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A network cable is unplugged local area connection 10

By wood_ma ·
I have a PC running XP home edition that is directly connected to a Hughesnet modem (HN 9000). 10/100 baseT connection. About every 3 seconds, the LAN connection fails. The green connectivity light on the modem does out and then immediately back on. When I look at "network connections" it shows "Local area connection 10", a network cable is unplugged" Have replaced the ethernet cable. Also, have put an ethernet plug in the PC and able to ping myself overnight with no failures. Also placed the plug in the modem and it does not fail. I also updated the ethernet driver. My question is: why does network connections show "local area connection 10". Does this mean I am trying to run 10 connections. If so, how do I correct this. At this point, I cannot help but feel this is related to my problem.

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Do you have a second system for testing purposes?

by jdclyde In reply to A network cable is unplug ...

If you plug a second system in and it also looses connection, the problem is your modem (which I suspect anyways).

For now, uninstall your NIC, reboot and let it get setup new. Make sure you have the latest drivers from the manufacturer instead of using generic Windows drivers. NEVER use the generic Windows drivers!

Have you run a continuous ping to yahoo? See if that drops.

You can also take the information from ipconfig /all and put your IP information in static instead of using DHCP.

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