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A New Release of Linux Desktop OS which Like WinXP, A trick to start Botnet

By techrepublic-com-com ·
A new & customize version of Ubuntu can be found from which is almost look and feel like WinXP. Is it Co-incidence where there is a scam circulating about DDos Attack to domain owner

There is a wind blowing on Linux-Bd (**.html) Mailing list and I wrote a Warning Post on it which is given bellow:

Brother, just wait please. Don't start in production environment, as it is offering from China.

Recently, there was a scam circulating about DDos Attack to domain owner if he/she don't pay US20 by 48hours of time, their website will be under DDoS attack. See my posting on this issue. Though it was a 'Copy & Pest'

A lot of Win PC/Server/Workstation is currently under control of some kind of bot-net. As users are migrating from Win to Opensource, the Botnet owner(s) are scare about getting worried about the size of their Botnet though the power of harm someone.

See, the webpage of this project sudden release of a very attractive operating system. Though they are saying 'Open Source', where is there package's source code? No option for donation, there is no way to mirror it, why they spending money alone for the project?

This is not a posting to make people afraid about the releases, but before connect to Internet be sure you have other protection (might be firewall / sniffer) before Internet Gateway (Specially for corporate user) . Just a warning from my experience. And the last word is China & Russia has the most powerful community of Hacker (Cracker / Cyber Criminal).

Best Regards
Ahamed Bauani

NB: Sorry, Some of Link contain Bangla Language. The Start of Mailing List Thread was on URL was asking if he/she could get a copy of it from someone with hi speed Internet Link.

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Why This Post Has been Reported as Spam?

Can I ask the authority, why this discussion has been marked as 'Why This Post Has been Reported as Spam? Who Did it? Any Techrepublic.Com Admin or A person related to project of YLMF OS ?

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by Jaqui In reply to Why This Post Has been Re ...

it's the MEMBERS who report posts as spam.
any any post with a lot of links to MARKET / ADVERTISE something is spam.
It wasn't me who reported it, but I likely would have just because the post is marketing a specific distribution, one I have never heard of, in my 12 years of using GNU/Linux.

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by JuliaX111 In reply to well

It's been around since the middle of 2009 or so.. I first came across it on an unusual ARM powered 400MHz notebook with NAND storage and a most unusual bios. (e-Go I think it was branded) Not a great machine.. and a very poor linux implementation as well seemingly a hacked about version of ubuntu with very old applications included and no obvious way to add any more, or even update the ones which were installed out of the box.

These specific hardware directed os's come up from time to time built for manufacturers of odd or mobile small notebooks and the like. Some are better than others, but all are (imho) a royal pain in the backside..

I might grab the latest of this just to play about with (don't like ubuntu.. don't like a "windows" look and feel) sandboxed and perhaps to mess with my friends as I think it's a perfectly legit distro branching out fro a small hardware manufacturers solution.. remember gOS a few years back (elonex one)? .. that was quite nice as a light live cd.

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Thank you, Julia

by santeewelding In reply to hi

More pieces about this fall into place for me.

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