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A new website - visit

By areets ·
I would love to have your feedback and generate discussions. Assist in generating the right questions and maybe we can find solutions that work.


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huh? is this a business? what is it for?

by ghstinshll In reply to A new website - visit

These are the questions I asked myself immediately when accessing the site. If you're running a profitable business, you need some desperate help in web graphics and design. Your site is simply laid out and I can see what the links are for, but here's the catch... Your site looks like a high school project, with incomplete sentences and lack of information. I had to guess a lot about what it was for. Seek Professional help.

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by areets In reply to huh? is this a business? ...

Keep it simple. Make the content worthwhile. No business, but a non-profitable concept. Allow me say that my site is new and its design will progress. I am interested in the ICT sector and 15 years in the IT industry. Read the content! Yes it is notvery user friendly, but that will come.

Thank you for your time.


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Good for you!

by jardinier In reply to A new website - visit

You have to start somewhere. Because of very limited financial means and no knowledge of MTML, I use a hosting company that provides a simple to use site builder. It serves my purposes adequately for the time being.

One of the most interesting sites I have ever visited was created on a Yahoo freebie by some high school students, over a number of years. So why don't you check it out and see what perseverance can achieve?

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Typographical error.

by jardinier In reply to Good for you!

Before some smart-arse feels the need to accuse me of blind ignorance, I will mention that MTML is of course a typographical error: another instance of the unforgiving "Submit" button.

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New site for the ICT sector

by areets In reply to Good for you!

Interesting background! Somewhat cynical your remarks! I am not looking to enter into a website building competition. There are serious issues that Europeans are facing and will face in the near future in the ICT sector and that does not paint an all rosy picture. I have taught for several years before moving to private sector. Give me feedback to the content. Its purpose is well focused. Read the content! Lots more to come!!!


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You'd better learn some manners.

by jardinier In reply to New site for the ICT sect ...

I have no idea how you managed to interpret my comments as cynical.

And as for the content of your website, the first time I tried to access it, I couldn't.

Having tried again this morning, I accessed the site, but the links went nowhere. I will say no more on the matter.

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Net surfers

by areets In reply to You'd better learn some m ...

If I comment in any negative way, it is not to be loutish but to sparke critical feedback on the site.

I would like the site's contents to be read. It has interesting subject for discussion.

I am publishing all and only comments with my replies.

Any site navigating issues, pls. feel free to send to


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take it easy

by tomdav226 In reply to A new website - visit

You posted to a tech site.....did you not think anyone would critique your work? Take it as constructive critisism. It took me years to build a respectable Site....I still haven't got it quite right. Keep at it!

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