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By CalvinBrave ·
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Hello all,

My name is Calvin Brave I am very new to this forum and want to participate with you in this discussion board. It gives us to share some new thing of our own.

Thank you
Calvin Brave

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to A newbie

Welcome to TR.
You might want to check out the site FAQ

There's also a 'New Users' Guide'. It was written by TR members before the Jan 2011 site overhaul, so it's a bit outdated:

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Hey Calvin

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to A newbie

Well, you did well by finding what we call the trenches/water cooler/off topic forum. Don't let it illustrate the validity of this site though. There are many well versed and extremely high skilled people here with more than valid IT knowledge and opinions. Having roamed the IT websites for decades, this is where the true pros hang out (myself excluded!!!).

The water cooler (this off topic forum) was created for people to chat about literally anything, well, with some PC restrictions of course. We will *****, argue and call each other names, within reason. It's a mish-mash of anything UNRELATED to IT.

As for the OTHER forums, nothing but invaluable information for an IT Pro or Newbie, the help and support I've found here is simply second to none, run and tell all your friends!

Q&A is a great forum if you have technical issues, people REEEEEEALLY know their stuff and are so helpful. I've had people send me CDROMs to overcome issues, offer late night help by peer emails etc. I simply couldn't speak highly enough of them. Then those same people will call you an idiot and argue until blue in the face regarding what colour rain really is or if bicycles should have V6 engines. It's a madhouse but a fun house and an educational institute all wrapped into one.

Roll up the sleeves, get out the soapbox and welcome to TR, "is it bloody worth it? YES IT IS!!! "

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Now that's an image to ponder...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Hey Calvin

"or if bicycles should have V6 engines"

The mental image on that one made me crack up

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Now that's an image to po ...

With more and more V6 motorcycle engines on the road, why not one for a bike too? Those weeny little electric bikes do nothing for me, not enough pollution.

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What you mean like this?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hey Calvin

Only good for about 75 KPH or so I'm told as I refuse to ride it because it totally different to ride. When you think you have to turn a corner just the thought causes the thing to turn. Of course the fact that the front wheel doesn't stay on the ground whenever you open the go grip doesn't help.

I do like the way that some laugh till the rider says 125 K per liter and that makes them start to ask questions like where can I get one? OH and it has a 2.5 Liter tank so you have a decent distance per tank.

I do ride this one but as it only has 8 gears that transfer the engine power to the rear wheel it's not good for much above 80 KPH though it is stable and finding tires for it that are not going to fail at that speed isn't easy.

OH because it's geared and unlike the Dragster has more than 1 gear ratio it gets even better fuel consumption. I'm not sure just how accurate the speedio actually is but it's telling me that I'm getting 150 Kilometer per liter.

I'll not mention just how much fun it is to ride either. :^0


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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to What you mean like this?

I want one. Well I could make on up I guess, just haven't been doing many cars lately, besides my own, too busy.

What freaks me out though is those handle bars and front forks, over 15-20MPH and that would be one **** of a scary ride indeed. Wobble wobble AAAAAARGH! Rake the handlebars and forks and it should ride well though, if you lean forward far enough to keep the wheel down.

The second bike is just freakin' cool! I remember as a teenager we built stuff like that all the time, generally with fat minibike tires or go cart frame. I think kids today would just feel ripped off if it didn't come brand new with shiny stickers on it though, no creativity or pride in craftsmanship in today's society at all.

Stallar wheels though, I gotta make it over and have a run on one, if my insurance premiums cover it. Then again I could build one for less than my insurance premiums. Hmmm, weekend project? Wonder if I have a little Y Zinger 50CC from an 80's Yamaha around still?

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Not that difficult OZ

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OMG COL!!!

Though in both cases the Engines are Chinese and designed to bolt onto Bikes. The one in the dragster was a Try Out as it's a different engine to what I generally use see it's not Black. :^0


While that is in AU I'm sure that you can find a supplier in Canada or even buy from E Bay.

The Jack Shaft Kit that uses the Bikes Gears is a US set of bits that came from Sick Bike Parts

http://www.sickbikeparts .com/catalog/index.php?osCsid=j6fgl7tvga2q2uom5tt4jtvt53

Other than chains being more than a bit fragile it's a great setup. I'm currently trying out several different chains to see which works best but I can guarantee that the standard Shamino Chains should be avoided. Mine lasts OK but the Wifes Son managed to break one after less than a day in a big way and another before he got back home after starting it.

OK so I grabbed the Chain Breaker and fixed the chain but it broke on a link that wasn't the joining link before it went very far at all.

They are lots of fun though and there are 3 of them here so your welcome.
edited to add don't forget to remove the space in the URLs for working links. :0


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This is something I ran across recently

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not that difficult OZ

I'm really impressed by it as I've never seen anything so complicated so small. It's a 15cc Remote Control Glow Plug Engine with a Overhead Cam.

Personally I would never touch something like this as I would be way too scared that it would break and you would never be able to get the replacement parts to repair it. But it is certainly cute.


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Hiya, Calvin.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to A newbie

Howdy, too. Enter at your own risk.

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