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    A newby trying to learn


    by roobee81 ·

    Ok. I know you are all pros at all this stuff. But, I am trying to learn a bit about all this jazz. So, if it is ok, can I ask questions about what certain things are that you are talking about? I am a stay at home mom and want to absorb as much info as I can.

    Question #1- What does IT stand for? Yes, stupid question.

    Question #2- What do the specs on my computer really mean?

    Question #3- What is safe mode?

    Question #4- If there is a program that you don’t want and can’t delete how can you get rid of it? I have 2 programs I can’ get rid of.

    Question #5- Is it true when you delete something it doesn’t really get deleted, that there are traces still on your hard drive?

    Question #6- What do you all look like? lol I have a myspace page if you wanna look. Just message me and I will tell you. I like to take pictures and look at pictures.

    I think that is all for now. Thanks guys and gals.

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      The desire to learn is what keeps you young…

      by jackofalltech ·

      In reply to A newby trying to learn

      1. Information Technology
      2. Hard to answer. The speed of the CPU is measured in MegaHertz which is Millions of Cycles Per Second. While somewhat misleading, generally, you’d want the fastest you can afford. The memory is measured in Mega- and Giga- Bytes which is Millions and Billions of 8-bit (roughly one character) addresses. Disk space is also measured in GigaBytes. Both of these should also be as much as you can afford. The Power-Supply is measured in Watts. These days you shouldn’t get anything less than 400.
      3. Safe mode is a way for Windows to start using only safe, standard device drivers that almost guarantee you’ll get to the desktop so you can fix a problem.
      4. Generally, in safe mode, you should be able to remove difficult programs. If not, you should contact a professional.
      5. True. When you delete something, Windows merely sets a flag in the File System that says the areas of the disk formerly used by that file are now free. Until something actually uses thos areas, the previous data is still there.
      6. Sorry, I don’t want to scare anyone with my picture.

      Hope this helped.


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        by roobee81 ·

        In reply to The desire to learn is what keeps you young…

        So, if I have a 1.0 GB memory and a 250 GB hard drive is that good?

        How do you do safe mode? I’ve been trying to delete this stupid freaking game forever and can’t.

        When you go to forums I see people post pictures, who do you do that? I have 3,000 pictures I have taken on my comp and would like to share them but I don’t know how to post them.

        Oh, if I have to install a hard drive in my laptop. Would any of you be able to walk me through it? I don’t think I want Best Buy touching it again.

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          More Answers

          by jester james ·

          In reply to Ok

          1 GB memory and a 250 GB hard drive is good for any basic home computer that is used for storing photos and writing email and browsing the web.

          To get into safe mode, press the F8 key when you see the Windows logo startup screen. It should bring up a menu about the various ways to start your machine.

          To load up an avatar (picture) that you have on your hard drive it needs to be published to the web. If you have one already on the web, say on a website, you can link the address of the image to your profile here at TR.

          I would recommend practicing replacing hardware in machines you don’t use to get comfortable with it. Laptop hard drives are fairly easy to replace and there are guides to installing them, but remember there are different types of mobile hard drives and you need the right connection for your machine.

          I hope that enlightens more than it confuses.

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