A partition on my external hard disk is not getting reformatted!

By luxmee ·

I am the one who had problems with my external hard disk not reading da data a month and a half ago, managed to restore the data with EASEUS data recovery wizard proffesional.

Now the problem is that one of my drives on the external hard disk was corrupted and I couldn't recover data from that partition, I decided to format it anyways and the formatting is still in progress but it does not show any percentage being formatted after 12 hours, the partition is about 350 GB, what should I do?

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RE : A partition on my external hard disk is not getting reformatted!

by El_Duce In reply to A partition on my externa ...

I would stop the formatting and start all over like this :

1. remove the partition
2. make a new partition
3. format the new partition

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re unable to format

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to A partition on my externa ...

If you can not recover data from the partition, what makes you think it could be formatted? And, why would you want to take a chance using the drive again? Chances are the drive is beyond repair. What should you do? Destroy it and get on with life.

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You first need to test the HDD with it's makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to A partition on my externa ...


Then assuming that you are using some form of Windows I would restart the system in Safe Mode open the Drive Management Window and create the Partition in there after deleting all empty Partitions.

That may work but ideally you should copy all of the data off this HDD wipe it and then reformat as required.

You can use Kill Disc to Wipe the Drive and it is available here but just make sure that you actually wipe the External Drive and not one of the internal Drives.



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Thanks guys..

by luxmee In reply to A partition on my externa ...

Is there any way I can erase the partition like it was when I bought it and repartition and reformat it? cause I use Vista and I can reformat individual drives and not the entire external hard disk.. please help..

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You can use utilities like

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks guys..

Boot & Nuke from DBan here


Of Kill Disc available from here


If it is a SATA HDD I would suggest using Kill Disc as it's easier to configure.

Please Note that these affect the entire HDD not just a single Partition so when either of these is run the Data is destroyed.

edited to improve clarity I hope.

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by luxmee In reply to You can use utilities lik ...

Will use the kill disk software, my hard disk is Cgate freeagent.. Cheers :)

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Your Welcome. < NT >

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks!
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Another problem!

by luxmee In reply to Your Welcome. < NT >


I downloaded a killdisk enterprise version from a torrent site, its a clean version, I tried 'kill disk' my 1TB external hard disk and it said time remaining to complete the deletion of all data from the disk as some 265894:50:30 sec.. its more than 5 yrs to kill with 3 passes, so i stopped and closed the program, it said that there were some unwritable sectors, please tell me how to proceed or is there anything else i can try, it takes 28973:30:21 sec to 'kill disk' with just 1 pass. PLEASE HELP

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Well I don't know how well the version that you downloaded works

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Another problem!

But if there are Some Unwritable Sectors this will play havoc with the Wiping Utility.

Try using the HDD makers Testing Utility to confirm the correct function of the HDD and if it fails that test look at getting it replaced Under Guarantee.

I'm not sure why you want to use a Torrent with the complete file under 11 Meg that seems like a large waste to me for something free to use.


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Will try

by luxmee In reply to Well I don't know how wel ...

Hey thanks, will try that and let you know..

I downloaded the enterprise version and not free version from da torrent! now i think the free version is good enough, will try downloading the free version from their website and try once again.. Cheers :)

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