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A+ and Net+ certification

By necole ·
What are some good resources and or sites that can help me to be to get prepared for and able to pass these two certifications?

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by jwsams In reply to A+ and Net+ certification

My favorites:

"All-In-One A+ Certification" (4th edition) by Mike Myers
"Network +" Exam Cram 2 by Mike Harwood

Exam Simulation:
Transcender (I think they offer a package deal that combines A+ and Network+)

CBT Nuggets (

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ILT for A+ & Net+

by samcoy In reply to A+ and Net+ certification

While books and assorted software will certainly prepare you to take the test. You will miss out on the hands-on aspect of Instructor Lead Training (ILT). The course content curriculum has practical exercises that associate theories of technology with hands-on practice.

Test prep books and software will help you with certification. They will not help you with qualification.

It's certainly not cheap, but, its worth it.

Sam Coy, MCSE, MCP, CNE, A+, Net+

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Lots of material out there, but...

by RknRlKid In reply to A+ and Net+ certification

There is lots of good material out there, but there are a few things to be aware of. First, if you invest in books or practice tests, make sure that you have the versions which match the tests currently out there. You can get A+ Prep books fairly inexpensively, but when you read them they do not cover the current exam objectives, but the old DOS/Windows 3.1 objectives. (You want 220-221 and 220-222). The same is with Network+.

Having said that, this is what I found helpful:

The "Exam Prep" books by Coriolis. These cover the specific objectives for each exam without a lot of fluff. What I also like about them is that they come with a CD that has practice tests (LogicPrep, as I recall). Don't memorize the practice tests! But learn how to use the interface so you will have less test anxiety when you do the real thing.

Network+ Study Guide, Sybex. I thought it was pretty rough reading at parts, but is very thorough. It also has a CD with practice tests.

I also took an in-class course on A+ prior to the exam. This is useful if there is something you haven't worked with before (either hardware of software). (Just as an aside, I was very surprised at the number of people in my class who were "computer technicians" by occupation but who had never opened a case and replaced cards or other components!) I had never worked with Windows NT at that point, so being able to play with it in advance made what was in the book make alot more sense.

While CompTIA says that these tests are for someone with "one year experience," they aren't for novices. Many people flunk one of the A+ sections the first time around. I don't recommend taking both parts on the same day. The A+ is really two separate tests in one, so concentrate on each part separately so you don't flunk because of information overload.

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.

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Thank You

by necole In reply to Lots of material out ther ...

I would like to think you for your help. It is very easy to get trapped into buying books thinking that they will help you, but not be current. Which part do you think I should try for first software or hardware? Would it be stupid to take the Net+ first? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Suggested Sequence

by RknRlKid In reply to Thank You

Based on what I have observed here where I work (a technology training center), this sequence seems to work for most students:

1. A+ Hardware - students seem to have less problems with this test for some reasons. Its pretty straight forward; hardware is hardware.

2. A+ Operating Systems - this test has the most first time failures. You really have to know something about a handful of different OS's. The good news is that its uneven in spread: Mostly Windows 95/98/2000, some NT 4.0, only a few DOS or UNIX. But you have to know some specifics about them. Its not as scary as you might initially think. The Coriolis book covered these areas very well.

While on the subject of Coriolis books, get Exam PREP, not Exam CRAM. There is a big difference. Exam Prep explains everything in detail. Exam Cram assumes you already know the material, and is an outline format.

3. Network+ - some of the concepts from A+ over lap into Network+. Network+ is a little tougher test, wtih a slightly different format. It deals distinctly with networking theory and networking software/hardware.

Something else I'd like to toss in is that if you are confident in your computer abilities now, you may want to consider a newer certification first: Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3). This is a vendor-neutral test, and CompTIA recommends taking it before A+. Its different though, in that it has applications in it. See this test at

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Also think about...

by snaginwy In reply to Suggested Sequence

Don't forget to check with the nearest community college as to whether they have "short courses for adults". These usually run about a month (evenings or weekends), cover a lot of information and allow you to "experiment" in their computer lab. Theyalso have vouchers that can save you $$ on the cost of the exams. The feedback you get in class is a learning experience in itself. Add to that that your employer may be willing to help with the cost of class.

Good luck!

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A+ is Very Easy (You will pass without any problem)

by mattaall In reply to A+ and Net+ certification

The Best way to pass the A+ Certification is to get yourself an old computer and buy the book
(A+ Certification: All-in-One Exam Guide with CD-ROM) This book has evrything you need to know plus a whole bunch of practice tests. Personaly nothing is better then expierence, because i was doing computer maintanence and repair / OS usage and i took the A+ and Net+ exam last year (i was 15yr old) and passed them with very good marks..
Also for Net+ Buy the book (Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide) <<GOOD LUCK>>

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practice test website

by kpike2 In reply to A+ and Net+ certification

I am studying for my network plus. I have tried to take it last year and failed. So I am on the look out for good websites to visit, as well. I was given this website today from another member of tech republic. It is
I hope this helps both of us. Good Luck

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A+ and Net+ certification

by LMon In reply to A+ and Net+ certification

You still need to hit the books though

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