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    A+ bombed


    by cicle_98 ·

    I’m a student and I have been using the TestKing
    for preperation for the A+ core & OS test.
    I had a fellow student test today and the TestKing is what he used to study for this test too. He didn’t pass… he claimed that alot of the question didn’t reflect the TestKing. He kinda joked around with (not passing), but I could tell it really bothered him. At this point I’m looking at the TestKing in a different light.
    Although any information on the A+ is a good thing, to only have a short time in which to take the test isn’t (3 mos.) What is a better study guide than the TestKing , I have heard that this study guide is suppose to be the best there is to use.
    Thanks for the your time TR members…


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      Perhaps it’s not the text

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      I don’t need to tell you that everyone’s different. You friend may have lower comprehension levels than you do, not that he’s dumb or slow, just that some people can read something and apply it as knowledge. Others can read something and even though they understand it as they read it, they may not remember it 5 minutes after, not to mention how long between study and test in your felloow student’s case.

      There are many resourcfes, I skipped A+ myself but only due to time and opportynuty, I have since read several texts and viewed many A+ prep websites but all in all I think it is a collective knowledge I have, so I can’t soecify a source.

      Wat I will suggest is to keep on studying what you are and look for other resources and online help, getting a broader perspective will help you see areas of weakness and you can focus more time in those areas.

      As for finding a single text that outlines all the questions, there may not be one as they will change, getting the broadest and most logical understanding will prove to be best.

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        A+ Tests reference

        by leiaj24u ·

        In reply to Perhaps it’s not the text

        Hi! I took this a cpl years ago and passed the A+OS and id not on the hardware, basically most of it was easy for me. The part that messed me up was those mother boards that look like some 2 year old drew them, I was so frustrated with that one that I clicked all over that, not realizing at the time, you only get so many chances to click. hahaha Not rreally funny and costly. One thing about the A+ is that the boards are always changing and this test changes every 6 weeks to my knowledge. I used ChinaT (very good) and that worked very well. you can also go to brain dump and search around. I am certain I did not pass due to that mother board, (drawn by a 2 year old) although I build them, network them and more. Totally ticked me off. Too busy now with all the other classes and certs. I figure I’ll go back and ace it later. This gets costly if you are not working, 🙂 I agree on utilizing more than one resource to ace the tests. Gosh, after taking the classes it was like pulling teeth out of rhino to get the information for the tests… after studying full time. Then you gotta move on. Good luck! Make sure about the source you get the test material from and run the CD from the book practice tests etc. 🙂

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      by worker bee ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      I never did the A+ test and have never used TestKing software, but things I have read on other web sites about TestKing indicate that it is a product designed for people who want to memorize the actual test, not study for it. Supposedly the purpose of TestKing is to give you the actual test questions and answers rather than act as a study guide.

      I don’t know how much help this is, but in my opinion the best study aides for Novell products can be found at Self Test Software ( and the best study aides for Microsoft products are put out by Transcender ( If can get to where you understand why the right answer on every question on one of their practices tests is the right answer and why every wrong answer is wrong you have a real good shot at passing the actual test. Both companies offer A+ study materials. You might want to have a look at them.

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        My study technique

        by kgreenup ·

        In reply to TestKing

        I used the All in one A+ Certificaiton book by Micheal Meyers. It is a long book, but if you read it well you should be good. I then purchased a voucher & exam simulation package. I had no trouble passing in that way. I have passed 6 certification tests in this mannor so far.

        Test King is not good in my opinion, as they shove the info into your head in order to pass, not in order to gain knowledge.

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      A+ Certification for Dummies

      by i call it as i see it ! ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      Don’t take offense.

      I found the A+ Certification for Dummies book
      to be a good book for study. It educates without having to be so deep. It prepares you for both tests necessary for the A+ Cert.

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      Reply To: A+ bombed

      by vincelyons ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      There is a secret to test taking that not all people get. You never look for the right answer, you look for the wrong answers and then eliminate them. With that in mind anything that you use for preperation will be a help.

      But as noted here there is a difference in studying the material and studying the questions.

      Personally I purchased the Mike Meyers All in One book. Worked well for me because it read well. I found a kindered spirit. As I recall I found only one glaring error in the book where there was some mention of RLL and MFM controller cards. Having typed debug g=c800:5 many times long ago I was able to catch it, but it wasn’t test material just something in the history ramblings.

      Right now I’m considering the CompTIA Network+

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        I agree Mike Meyers All in one is a good book

        by dseeger ·

        In reply to Reply To: A+ bombed

        The Mike Meyers 3rd edition All in One book for A+ is very good, but how ever dos was supposed to be dropped from the OS exam, however you are still going to come across questions dealing with dos commands, so learning a bit of DOS should help just in case Comptia decides to throw a couple of them in the exam. Hardware should be a breeze to get through.

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      use more than one refrence on any studying you do

      by tjc ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      You really should use more than one site or book or testing location to get ready for any certification. I try to at least read 3 diffrent books on the same test before I feel ready to take the test for real. it may take a while to go though all 3 books but, that’s me.

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        tjc has hit the nail on the head

        by liame ·

        In reply to use more than one refrence on any studying you do

        Whatever cert you are going for use 3 or more reference sources ideally. And read around the subject too.

        2 is a minimum.

        I’ve never found one book that covers everything for a sngle cert.

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      A+ for Dummies

      by scottd ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      It’s been awhile, but A+ for Dummies helped me pass. When you’re scoring 90% or above consistantly with their practice test CD, you should be good to go. Good Luck!

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        under rated book

        by adent888 ·

        In reply to A+ for Dummies

        I too used A+ for dummies as well as any braindumps I could find on line. 85-90% passing on the practice test questions will pass the exam.

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      Test out.

      by rpatriarca ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      The “Test out” software seems to be the best one that I have used. I have used it until I consistantly got 90% or better on the exams before I went to take the real exam.

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      I passed mine not too long ago, try this.

      by mrafrohead ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      Go to the comptia site. I think they have a few “test” tests to see if you’ll pass.

      Just remember this man, the tests aren’t very hard. Most importantly, PAY ATTENTION TO THE OLD SCHOOL STUFF!!!!! I’m talking about com ports, IRQ, DMA, and that crap. We don’t really have to work with it anymore so it’s a bit hard to recall. Also, brush up on your DOS and your Win95/98 cmds. I actually did have a question about win3.1 and also 95 on my tests…

      Quickly go over your hardware also, you’ll want to know what slots house what, what memory is compatible with what and how many pins and all of that crap. ISA/PCI, etc… Also, an oddball ? that I got was something along the lines of, a PII processor (slot A) fits into what type of connector. It listed four choices. Now, what I am familiar with, and what they showed on the diagram was a slotA connector. BUT, the choices given were the “technical” word, that I have NEVER in my life seen before, heard said or probably will see or hear again.

      Basically, just use common sense. There are four choices to everything. Just rule them out. If I could pass it on my first shot with no testing, no studying and absolutely no preparation, you can too. I’m not stupid or dumb, but I’m not also the brightest bulb in the box. Moral is, if I can do it, so can you!!!


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        Save your wrong answers.txt

        by ruairi ·

        In reply to I passed mine not too long ago, try this.

        My most valuable study guide was my wrong answers. I just did every test I could get my hands on and compiled a list of my wrong answers, no point in doing the tests over and over and wasting time with stuff you know. Go to the books and work through your wrong answers, your list gets smaller. And as was mentioned by another member, ELIMINATE. Unless the answer stares you in the face first off, work it the other way round….. which answers are NOT correct? You can usually eliminate two answers pretty quickly this way so already you’ve doubled your chances of getting it right. Good Luck

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      Please try my book

      by desweds ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      Hi Mike-

      I’m sorry your friend is having trouble with the A+ exam and would like to help. I feel that my A+ training materials are by far the most superior books out there and would like to give you a free copy. All I ask in return is that, after reading through the text, using the practice exams and taking the actual test, that your friend (or you) would make a post on Tech Republic telling folks you honest opinions, good or bad.

      I need to warn you on one issue: I do not give away the answers to the A+ exams. I believe that the most important issue is to first teach folks how to fix PCs and THEN concentrate on the aspects of the A+ exam. I see that many of the posts here recommend books that only push the exam and disreagrd skills. If you’re looking to that type of training you’ll be very disappointed with my book.

      Please send me an email to with a delivery address.

      Mike Meyers

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        A+ Cert… passed a couple months ago

        by cicle_98 ·

        In reply to Please try my book

        I passed a couple of months ago and do thank you for the offer of the book. As for my friend I had communication with him at school only and that has been since Sept.10th 2004. I do hope that he has done well since.
        Getting your hands dirty with the actual troubleshooting technique is strongly advisible, I whole heartedly agree.
        Be back later…


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        Reply To: A+ bombed

        by hlg1962 ·

        In reply to Please try my book

        Oh geesh. When I saw this post I had to laugh for personal reasons. I purchased the Mike Meyers Passport for A+ a while back and recently I took it with me to work so that I’d have something to study on the bus. Damn it if I didn’t forget it on the bus stop bench when changing bus lines. When I came back, someone ran off with it. Stupid me!!! Oh well, I’ll have good reason to find the latest version somewhere.

      • #3351097

        Meyers book

        by doug m. ·

        In reply to Please try my book

        I took an A+ course which used Mike Meyer’s book and I have to say I learned a lot, and I consider it a great reference on the job as well. Now if I can just motivate myself to go take the test…

        • #3236895

          Meyers Book and practice exams

          by lholder ·

          In reply to Meyers book

          I used the Meyers book 5th edition plus practice exams from Total Seminars (bundled with vouchers) and passed both exams same day and first try. I’ve browsed thru several other A+ prep books and haven’t yet seen a better one overall.

    • #3345550

      I would suggest…

      by aldanatech ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      I would suggest Michael Pastore’s A+ Certification Boxed Set, Fifth Edition:

      It includes a study guide that cover all the objectives for both the exam and for on the job, and questions book to review a few weeks before test day.

    • #3328432

      Mike Meyers

      by hlg1962 ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      Mike Meyers is the best way to go. How about Transcender?

    • #3323120


      by inxale ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      Having done the 70-210 I have to say the A+ is a most under-rated exam.

      Use the Mike Meyers All-in-one. Also the Sybex A+ Book. Visit for exam questions. Also for an additional twenty. If monies can push . Sign-up to I know its an expense. But its an expense to fail.

      Learn the tabs within Windows. How different is it to configure a network card in Win95 , Win98 , WinNT4 , WinMe , Win2000 and WinXP. So learn the configuartion tabs. This is what I did not really focuc on and it could have cost me if I wasn’t fortunate to be ok with the rest of the exam.

      Also , get someone to read the questions out. Like flashcards. Its quite interesting how one hears a question differently to the same question when you read it yourself.



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      you dont need A+

      by 5jgibbs ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      Personally I think the A+ is 100% garbage. I figure things out as they come into play. I learn as I go, no A+ can teach you that. My friend runs a computer shop and he is not an A+ guy, and he makes a load of cash. A+ is nice but you don?t need it. Just having the brain of a computer geek ?for lack of a better term? will allow you to deal with problems as they show up. Sure having that hefty A+ thing helps, but I would say A+ is far from the real world, may people I know would tell ya that in a heartbeat.

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        Agreed. A+ gets an Eminus

        by Anonymous ·

        In reply to you dont need A+

        I own my own business and I don’t have A+. I do a lot of contract work that states A+ requirement along with years of experience. I ask if they know what the A+ is for and they don’t. It’s just something they see every one else ask for.
        Thank goodness the wizard of OZ is no longer handing out heavy heart-shaped clock necklaces or we’d all be wearing those as well.

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        Reply To: A+ bombed

        by doug m. ·

        In reply to you dont need A+

        The A+ along with NET+ are a good way to get your MCSA though. Not to mention that some employers in the business of PC repair really insist on the A+.

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      Reply To: A+ bombed

      by jubenvi ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      I’ve found that the CBT Nugget training videos are superb.

      When I wrote my Windows 2000 server video, they convered more material than my 2 month school course in only 8 hours. Doesn’t seem like much, but its amazing how much they cover.

    • #3337058


      by jcmoffitt ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      Sorry to hear about failing the tests. That is a major bummer. I studied for both of the tests for about 8 weeks before I sat down to take them.
      I used ExamCram 2 A+ study guide. I also purchased study exams off of the Internet. I believe I paid something like 39.95 for 6 exams for both OS and Hardware. Each exam had 62 questions and you could take it in study mode or certification mode. What I did is I created a three ring binder in which I wrote down all the questions that I missed. I did that for each test. That was about 750 questions total. Then once I did that I created a MS Word document in which I took each question and just condensed it into a statement. Once I converted all the questions into one liner statements I then purchased a tape recorder and taped my study notes onto two tapes. That way I could listen to my tapes every morning at work.

      Well anyway, last Friday I took both exams at a Prometric Test facility and passed them both. Wahooooo! Come to find out I think that I over studied for these exams. There was a certain amount of anxiety of failing so I guess I wanted to make sure that I would pass the first time around. On the hardware exam I made a 565 and on that exam I felt like I did really good. LOL. On the OS exam I made a 725 and I was really worried about that exam. So, go figure. The important thing is that I passed. Now I am studying for my Network + exam. After that will be the Security + and then on to MCSE material. My goal for 2005 is to atleast have my MCSA. Wish me luck!!

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        Reply To: A+ bombed

        by cuteelf ·

        In reply to ExamCram2

        Net Plus is much easier than the A Plus is..imo.

        I’ve taken the netplus and passed it np, I’m working on the OS part of my A Plus.

        Please, make sure you have some experience in real life with this stuff; HR may like seeing the certs but when you’re out working, the techs want experience.

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      How to pass (only an opinion)

      by nathanbookman ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      The key to the A+ exam, and they won’t tell you this, but alot of the questions (Exam 220-301/302)come from what you might consider “older” or out-of-date technology-related information. Also, there were (at least on my test) alot of questions that i didn’t even consider studying for such as, mHz output of PCI cards, mouse pin-number questions, wattage of power supply and how they affect different motherboards, general motherboard questions and alot of inter-operability questions pertaining to memory (both old and new), PCI cards, AT, ATX motherboards, and Windows 98 questions. I passed the exam last October, but I’m of the understanding they’re going to be changing their format for questions, so this may or may not help, but study both old and new technology. Don’t “think” too much, if you’re a real-world tech, most of the questions might seem tedious to you, cuz we all know alot of these things don’t happen in the “real world”, like if your mouse doesn’t work, you won’t go test each pin inside for connectivity, you’ll throw it away and get a new one, right? I used the TestKing format for a bit, but found the Exam Cram and also bought pre-tests from New Horizons (a testing center in KC), which helped some. I’d encourage your student to read, apply and take it again, don’t give up!!

    • #3334792

      A+ bombed

      by jcrobso ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      Since Comptia changes the questions over time you need to make sure that you are using upto date study guides. I got several practice tests over 700 questions, I took my test in Nov. of 2003 and they changed the test questions a week later.
      Also READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY!!! Compita like to play games. John

    • #3329418

      Exam Drill Recomended

      by al.carrizales ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      I used exam drill for both my A+ and Network+, I passed both with a 96 and a 98. Allot of people say that these type of exam study programs are cheating (Braindumps) but I realy don’t care because all it matters it able to do the job, no matter what your score is. Try

    • #3342209

      I have two books that I used to ace both of the exams for A+

      by dbucyk ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      One book is Mike Myers A+ certification book and the other is by Scott Muller.

      To let you know how well I did, I wrote the hardware portion without studying and I got 768 and it only took me 10 minutes to write (at the time adaptive portion of the exam).

      The software portion only took me three minutes (you’ll have to go online and find some extra practice exams), but I aced it with 892.

      Get these two books and just study alot. You’ll pass them.

    • #3249244

      Transcenders are the best way to prepare for an exam!!!!

      by cweb ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      I got the transcender to prepare me for it. I put it on the random quiz and took it over and over 10 days later I passed with flying colors. Brain dumps work well also. I’ve used them on other exams with success.

    • #3249237

      I found the test king helpful

      by gekekoons ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      I found the test king a helpful study guide, to me the transcenders were awful – gave me no help at all.

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      To flame or not to flame that is the question

      by cg it ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      The A+ core hardware and core operating system test are like entry level stuff.

      One can NOT just study the test questions from Testking or any other exam test prep service and expect to pass. One has to know something and that requires one to read a text book that provides the fundamentals.

      Posters here mention Mike Meyers book and it’s about the best one around to get the fundamentals. The idea is not to study test questions to pass, the idea is to know the stuff so you can pass. Same with Microsoft certifications.

      Don’t buy into the hype from test prep services because all they are doing is selling something and using the pitch, “actual test questions” . They may be but from what year?

    • #3242495

      What worked for me…

      by dudeirock ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      Unfortunately, I myself bombed the hardware portion of the A+. After reading the test king thinking I could just memorize a few answers. These brain dumps are not the way to go. What I did after that, was good, old-fashioned, hands on experience. If you have a PC, there should be no excuse on why you can’t pass the A+, start experimentnig with you PC, I suggest you get an A+ book from a credible publisher (Sybex, Comptia) and start reading and apply what you learn, stay away from the text files and print outs of answers.

    • #3235843

      Reply To: A+ bombed

      by the admiral ·

      In reply to A+ bombed

      I don’t understand. The A+ Certification should be able to be passed by anyone who has 6 months experience or more.

      If it can’t be passed by getting the book “Upgrading and Repairing PC’s” then there is a problem, and it is not with the test.

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