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    A+ Certification Help Needed


    by pablok ·

    People i beg of u, from the bottom of my heart… i need some notes, exercises,prep-questions, links, sites, anything that can help me get through this terrible time. heheehehehehe im writing the A+ exam on the 29th and 30th of this month… and im as nervous as the day when i stood at the altar. please help !!!

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      by jmeyer ·

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      I know how you feel, I myself will make an attempt at the A+ test very soon. I have found that there are many study guides available on the web. Some demand payment, others are free. You can probably find about a hundred or so if you just do a basic google search, but here is one of the more comprehensive sites that I have found, Good luck on your exam!

      Just navigate to the A+ cert. area.
      Best Regards!

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      by dmiles ·

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      Network+ certification cram notes is available from here:

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      by cicle_98 ·

      In reply to A+ Certification Help Needed interactive website for ruffup question…I used TestKing pdf’s for deeper questions and answers I have a some pdf format if you need it updated 7-22-04 Network+ also…
      I passed the hardware side without sweating to much, but the OS made me sick to my stomach as I was taking the test. Everyone, the study materail is good, but some of the actual questions that I was asked on the test were like hars as h..l. Here an interactive website There is also a Certificate TR disscussion board…


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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      You can do it!
      compared to marriage, this is nuthin.
      Here is my help:
      I don’t know you but I am sure you are a very smart person about to make an incredibly good move in getting your first meaningful computer certification.
      The A+ certification is going to open many many doors. really, an astonishing amount of doors. having it on your resume will get you in the door over and over again. This is one of the best moves you’ve ever made. not counting the better half, naturally. the cost of this test and study materials is going to pay for itself very rapidly and many times over for years to come.
      You are demonstrating not only a proven level of ability but the also that you possess the drive and resources to keep yourself educated and abreast of the latest in your field. let this be the first of many many many certs. may you never finish studying (smile). when i got it, the A+ used to be, well, a joke but I hear that it has changed. i was a little embarrassed to even mention it until i did a few times and saw the magic. even then, i was amazed at the respect and consideration it got me back then when very few had heard of it. nowadays most IT hire-ers and it managers know it and are looking for it (and at least one network and one server cert) as you probably know.
      if you should have a bad day or whatever and flunk it do not worry. go home and as soon as you can bear it, write down everything you can remember and try again right away. no one will ever know and it won’t matter at all, maybe just some money.
      remember to look at or amazon for used guides they are plenty (but make sure they are for current version of the test).
      as soon as you have that one under your belt, what is your next cert goal? let us know and keep on trucking…

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      by techkid ·

      In reply to A+ Certification Help Needed

      This is an interesting question. I understand the need to know basic hardware troubleshooting but if you’re looking to become a net admin I wouldn’t recommend spending all that time studying for the A+ cert. Then again, if you just wanna be a computer tech then go for it.

      I used to be a computer tech and now that I’m a net admin I prolly spend 20 or so minutes trying to fix a problem on a pc. If I can’t figure it out (seems like it’s always spyware/adware related) in that amount of time I just reimage and they’re back up and running in 10 min. Not worth my time anymore to spend an entire day on why a computer is locking up, not to mention the person who doesn’t have access to their computer while I try and fix it.

      Just thought I’d comment…

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      by dakid ·

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      hey my friend!
      don’t sweat it (like i did) it’s not as bad as I thought. I took the core bout a month ago and I did alright. Now getting ready for operation system. Now if I were that nervous I would not schedule tests back to back. I would first handle the first one then the next. Don’t know your situation but if you have the chance to reschedule, do it. I am currently taking smartcertify courses which I don’t encourage because they are too expensive. I am learning the hard way. Prolly better just to get a book from sybex. I used study courses from smartcertify but I needed outside sources to get a strong foundation of the material

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      by rewrite ·

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      Congrats dude! There’s alot of good resources on the net. Just do a search for “comptia a+” and you’ll find tons. I looked at the site mentioned above and it looked pretty good. I also like

      Good luck on your tests.


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      by house ·

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      Do you know how to steal a boat?

      You didn’t here this from me, but use the “most popular” one and search for “testking”, “boson”, and the actual test number in the “xxx-xxx” format.

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      by gbrownlee ·

      In reply to A+ Certification Help Needed

      I took the new A+ exams last December. Hardware was easy, I scored 94%. Software was not so easy for me..68%. I highly recommend you get behind an XP Pro system and learn it really well. Also, while A+ is supposed to be for stand alone systems, best know basic networking well. I too had a major case of the jitters before the exams, but things worked out well in the end. One last thing, read the questions very carefully and make sure you understand what they are asking for. Not that there are trick questions as per se, but you can be led down the wrong path if you are not carefull. Best of luck!

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      by irctrix ·

      In reply to A+ Certification Help Needed

      The actual A+ exam is not a hard exam. As long as you know your troubleshooting system requirements IRQ’s and such you will be fine. Yes, there are hundreds of sites free and pay online you can go to and google will give you all of em with an A+ test prep search.

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