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I am in a position where I can get training and an A+ certification or I can get training and a MCP and a MCDST certification for free. I do not have any other training or certifications in computers. I was wondering if there was anybody who could give me some advice on which way would be the better choice of direction and which is the better value. The couple people I have talked with up to this point all seem to have varying opinions.
Thanks for taking time to help me out.
A Begginer

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I'd do the MCP

by Dr Dij In reply to A+ or MCP & MCDST

because you can join the computer society
and take a+ courses online for free for a year while member (about $100 to join)

you can browse the courselist (skillsoft) at skillsoft or acm site before joining.

also books on a+ and m$ topix

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Why not both?

by bens In reply to A+ or MCP & MCDST

I would say keep in your head to study for both as they pair nicely on entry level positions. I personally would say go MCP and make that your first step toward a higher level MS certifcation.

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My Opinion

by NormH3 In reply to A+ or MCP & MCDST

As a beginner, I think the A+ would be better suited. After completion, you might be able to find a part time position that will assist you with passing your MS certification.

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Do the A+ first

by MomtoJustin In reply to A+ or MCP & MCDST

I have both the MCP and A+. I'd say go for the A+. The optimum would be if you could do both, though!

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MCP Hands down

by TX_Techie In reply to Do the A+ first

Now I know that this thread is a few years old but as of fall 2010, I have done a lot of research with regards to these both exams. I have found that CompTIA tends to structuralize each certification as a separate step (ie. two exams for A+, two exams for Net+) and expect you to renew your certification as well. Great if you are looking to stay working with the same level of TECH for years to come.

However, if you're like me and want to climb the corporate latter and work for a larger business, MCP is hands down the choice. MCP upgrades to MCDST which upgrades to MCTS (Vista) & MCITP (Enterprise/end user) with only one exam between each cert (hope I explained that correctly). In addition to that, as of late 2010 A+ exams are $168 each where MCP/MCDST is only $125. And the topper, CompTIA A+ expires every three years but MCP/MCDST never expires.
Your choice would depend on what position you would like to hold in about 10 years.

Certification is not the ground level of your career but the walls you will build on top of your education.

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