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A+ OS question? help....

By alanboys ·
OS question? help....
1.What happens to files deleted from the Recycle Bin?

A.Clusters are flushed.
B.The files are moved to C:\Windows\Temp.
C.Sectors of hard drive are blanked/erased.
D.Associated entries in the FAT are removed.

2.Windows 2000 has been installed and no changes have been made to existing files and folders. By default, which of these extensions will be displayed in Windows Explorer? (choose three)


3.Converting a diskpartition to FAT 32 with Drive Converter provides which of the following advantages over FAT16? (choose three)

A.Programs load faster.
B.Fewer resources required.
C.Greater file security allowed.
D.Drive mappings are more reliable.
E.Increase storage efficiencies.

4.What does an incremental backup do?

A.Full backup of all files.
B.Same as a differential backup.
C.Backs up only files that have increased in size.
D.Backs up all files that have the archived option turned on.

5.After updating a device driver on a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, the computer fails to boot to the GUI. What should you do to correct the problem?

A.Reload NT.
B.Run Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter.
C.Press F5 to enter safe mode and delete the last device installed.
D.Press the spacebar when the load last unknown good message appears.

Please help me answer this questions..


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by Shepster In reply to A+ OS question? help....

1. D

2. I don?t see a correct answer for this question, with the default settings the only extension that is visible to me is .dll, Windows 2000 comes set to hide known files types and the .ini, .inf, .bin and .com extensions don?t show up. Honestly, they should ask instead ?What is the air-speed velocity of an unladed swallow??

3. A,B,E

4. D, see definitions of backup types here:

5. Textbook answer: D
Real Life answer: A

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