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A+ Self-Study Recommendations

By rpeeples ·
Hello fellow gurus. I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the best self-study books and/or software would be to become A+ certified. I have over 25 years experience in the IT industry and have seen just about everything that can happen to a computer and network. I am not certified b/c I am terrible at taking tests. My mind won't function for some reason when I have to take a test but when it comes to getting the job done I can do it in my sleep. I need and want to become certified in everything that I can possibly become certified in. I don't have time to take classes but I do have time to read the books. So if you can recommend the best, I would greatly appreicate it!!! Thanks!!!

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What do you stand to gain from A+?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to A+ Self-Study Recommendat ...

Unless you plan to spend the rest of your career fixing PCs', then don't waste your time on this crap certification. If you have over 25 years in the industry, then why do you even need to care about a piece of paper to justify your work experience? Certifications are good for getting your foot in the door, but if you talk the talk and walk the walk, then what is that pretty piece of paper really offering you? That's all it is... it is a pretty piece of paper that costs over $100 and really doesn't say much about your skills because the IT industry has been tarnished by so called "paper certs" who passed the tests but don't know squat when put to the challenge in a real world scenario. If you ask me, certs are overrated and if certain jobs require them and they look upon certification as being more important that work experience, then I would advise not wasting your time on such stupidity and taking your business elsewhere. Compaies who hire people based on certs and buzzwords usually get poor candidates for the job and end up terminating them or seeing that candidate leave anyway in a short time frame.

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I agree

by rpeeples In reply to What do you stand to gain ...

I agree with your comments on the certs, but it "looks" good on paper. I have had a difficult time finding a job (over 3 years). It seems my years of experience and success accounted for absolutely nothing. All the employers were looking for were certified techs. My experience ranges from tech work to complete server and network management. But where I live you have to take what you can get. My belief when it comes to taking tests is that you are simply "lucky" to get questions that you know the answers to. I have run into people who were excellent test-takers and passed them all, but they knew absolutley nothing when it came to doing the job. I was passed over for a job for this very reason. Later the person they hired called me wanting to know how to fix a problem. I told him "hey, you are the certified tech. you figure it out!"

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Stupid HR morons and their industry buzzwords

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I agree

They all want "certified" people but when it comes to asking proper technical question on interviews, they don't know jack sh*t, but because every other dipstick is doing it, they have to run with the stupidity of the bandwagon. Yes, I am a CNE, but I learned more doing that by taking the exams and knowing the book answers. Not every problem has a book answer and it takes a good engineer to troubleshoot and find the solution. I like your response to the "certified" tech who called you seeking for solutions. He was nothing more than a paper cert if he needed to run to you for help. That is what separates people like you and me, the ones with experience, from people like him who have nothing more than a piece of toilet paper with their name on it. Like I always say, show me anyone who brags about their certification and I will wipe my *** with it.

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by ur_my_savior In reply to A+ Self-Study Recommendat ...

Get the Sybex A+ Complete book. Its a good reference for the two exams.

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Sybex Sucks in my opinion

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Sybex

Worst and most boring books I have ever encountered. They will even put a seasoned geek to sleep. I would go with Que publishers or New Riders publishing.

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by ITJUNKIE In reply to A+ Self-Study Recommendat ...

If you want some good testing software, send me you private e-mail and I will help you.

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A+ for Dummies

by Aldanatech In reply to A+ Self-Study Recommendat ...

I'm not insulting you in any way. On the contrary, I find 25 years of experince to be very respectable; and because you have that much experience, you might only need to brush up a thing or two to not only pass the A+, but to pass it with a high score. The reason why I recommend you A+ for Dummies is because it asseses the reader on all the objectives to point out specific week points and even were to go to to re-enforce them. From that point on can take a few practice exams and you should be good to go.

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