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By KarlLAS ·
A friend works for a small, family owned architectural firm as the bookkeeper. The owner is relatively computer illiterate except for the programs he uses. In an ill-advised moment of sympathy, he allowed a young friend of the family to begin maintaining his W98 workgroup. The kid decided that all their problems, (which he created), would be solved by an upgrade to XP. I was asked, along with my senior admin, to fix the W98 workgroup and oversee the upgrade, which we did. The bookkeeper was in the middle of year-end, and has not had the upgrade done for fear of losing data. She wouldn't mind a W2K upgrade, but doesn't like XP. ("It's too invasive, and looks like a video game.") Now the question.
There is now bad blood between themini-admin and the bookkeeper. The bookkeeper fears a vendetta, as the admin is an unethical person (proven by theft, lying, etc.)and could do things (with administrative privileges) to undermine her work efforts. Would a dual-boot system allow her to lock down a W2K O/S and still access the workgroup? Hopefully, by the time there is an XP Server, the owner will be convinced that this kid (the admin) should not have admin privileges.

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by mrafrohead In reply to a possible solution?...

Here is a quick and simple solution... Hopefully.

How old are the computers that are going to be upgraded??? Make absolutely certain that you check the HCL at Microsofts web site BEFORE the upgrade to XP is done. Maybe you will get lucky and the hardware won't be compatible and then you can advise the owner against installing XP for the sake of hardware compatibility issues. Then neither yourself or the bookkeeper will be in the heat and you will have a good answer other than opinions tosway judgement.

But yes, you can dual boot with Windoze 2000. Just make sure that you have 98 installed first. From there you can install 2000 to the computer and it will give you the choice of an OS to choose and Windoze 2000 can be locked up nice and tight to keep the kid out. As long as he doesn't know any of the back doors to Windoze 2000. Which he probably will not.

Anywho, if this is a direction that you would like to approach and this helps, let me know if you need any help with it. I hope that this advice helps in some way. If you have any more questions or you need me to elaborate just let me know.


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