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A possible virus in MBR not detectable?

By aspoor ·
This is day 8 of the worst computer problem I have ever had. My computer has a virus, at least I am pretty sure. I ran a RAM test utility and the ram is ok. The computer makes it to the Vista logo on startup and then the screen stays blank and it never comes on. I have let it run all night and it never comes on. This is a Gateway LX6200 Vista 64 machine running a Quad-Core with 8g RAM. I appreciate any suggestions. I hope its not a problem to ask here since this is a college class dealing with computers. I figured maybe someone else experienced something similar to this problem. The MBR or master boot record has been re-partitioned, and re-formatted, so I do not think it is a common virus. This happened while running a registered version of Norton Anti-virus 360 v.3.0, it actually tried to download a patch to fix the problem, however not successful.

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same here

by desoto58 In reply to A possible virus in MBR n ...

i have the same problems the problem comes from the MBR as far as i can tell the worm sets up a hidden partition. all the hard drive erase and zero out programs don't see it and don't clear the first 63 sectors of your HD (MBR) i boot up with a floppy and run DE.exe it allows you to clear the mbr back to sector 0. but the hidden part reinstalls the virus there when you reboot so you never really get rid of it. i'm not sure but i feel like it writes to cd abd dvd's if they have burners as installing a now HD does not fix the problem. clearing the cmos and flashing the bios has no effect in killing it. i'm looking on a way to wipe the hd boot and nuke and all those 0 out programs don't work.

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OK first things first

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A possible virus in MBR n ...

You should have placed this in the Questions not Discussions Forum that way the people who answer questions would have seen it and offered help. You would also get notified every time someone replies tot he question.

But to your problem you should test the entire computer with something like the Ultimate Boot CD available for free download here

You download from the Files not the yellow add.

Test all of the Hardware including the RAM as it stands in the system. It's possible that all is OK but if there is more than 1 Module fitted they could be different and have encountered Timing Issues. The memory Tester on the UBCD will pick this up most times if it is an issue.

Also in the event of some of the nasty Infections around just reinstalling the OS and using the Format Option isn't sufficient to kill the infection you need to wipe the entire HDD with something like Kill Disc available free here

Or if you have a IDE Drive not a SATA use Boot & Nuke free from here

However there are some things you should know about Wiping Programs like Kill Disc they wipe the entire HDD not just an individual Partition so if you are relying on a Recovery Partition on the HDD it's going to be destroyed as well as the Data Partition. Boot & Nuke can be more difficult to use with some systems that have SATA HDD's but overall it does a better Wipe as Kill Disc only does a Single Overwrite where as Boot & Nuke does a Triple Overwrite. When you use any of these programs all of the Data on the HDD is Destroyed. Do not work on the assumption that using some sort of Forensic Recovery Software will recover any Important Data it is unlikely to and if it picks up anything it is likely to be heavily corrupted. Any good Wiping Utility will take several Hours to run depending on the size of the HDD and speed of the system.

You will need a Recovery Set of Install Disc/s to reinstall the OS and if you made a set from a Recovery Partition after you got the infection they will be corrupted and most likely install the Infection effectively destroying the OS int he process.

Lets know how you get on.


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