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A printer to access everyone

By imzishan ·
im working as a Network Admin i want to join a printer to a computer to access it everyone in a domain enviornment.

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by clarkd038 In reply to A printer to access every ...

Install the printer to one machine "print server", then go into the properties of the printer and share it. when this is complete you can then go to another persons machine. Printers, add network printer by name

type in \\printserver\printername.

and then you have

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by andrewfrzt In reply to Network

Remember that the computer that the printer is installed on has to always be on when you want to send print jobs

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Is this a proper network printer or a desktop printer

by 1bn0 In reply to A printer to access every ...

connected to a users computer?

Proper network printer in a "Domain Environment"

Install and configure a printer equipped with a "print server" network adapter.

In this instance the "print server" is an internal or external device that connects between the printer and the network cable, to allow the printer to be accessed and print jobs sent, over the network.

The "print server" is essentially the network card for the printer. Configure it for a static IP addressthat is not being used by any other device. Static = NOT PART OF DHCP RANGE.

Install the printer at the server, as a network printer. The setup will ask for the ip address of the "print server" adapter at the printer, install the driver locally and copy the driver files to a hidden share on the server, \\server\print$. These files are for the workstations to download when the printer is "installed" locally at the workstation.

Configure the printer share at the server and the printer becomes available to the local workstations, \\Server\laserprinter1. You can also control who can and cannot print to the printer through permissions on the server.

At the workstation start the add printer wizard. Select "network printer", enter the printer share UNC in the box provided, \\Server\laserprinter1, follow the rest of the prompts and finish. THe workstation will download and install the required files and the printer will be available to the local user.

Desktop printer connected to a users computer:


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