A question about the Facebook Activity Log/Apple TV login

By peachesforfree ·
I went through my Facebook Activity Log and found a sign in from a device I didn't recognise – its operating system was MAC OS X. I usually use my iPhone 7 and occasionally an old iPhone 6, and both of these were on the log as having been used to sign in with. No problem with those, but my understanding of MAC OS X is that this is an OS for Mac laptops and desktops, and I own neither.

Worried, I researched a list of Mac OS and found Apple TV was also listed as MAC OS X – is it possible I used Apple TV to somehow log onto to my FB page? I have Apple TV and occasionally us the phone as a remote but I'm certain I did not do this, and is it even possible?

Thanks in advance because I'm worried someone has logged on from another computer basically so what I want to know is, what could be used to log into my FB account and show up on the Activity Log as MAC OS X?

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