A question HP's, tattoo's, and swapping the mobo....

By twilazoned ·
I know that because HP tattoo's the mobo's, the recovery disks won't be any good on a new (and diff model) mobo. My SATA is shot, and after researching the board I know I do NOT want the same type going back in.I also don't want to use another OEM board. My question is, will the HDD (with Vista) plug n play with the new mobo?

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Activation and Recovery are the Issues

by TheChas In reply to A question HP's, tattoo's ...

I will go over swapping motherboards in a moment.

Your biggest issue is going to be will you be able to activate Windows after the swap?

And, will you be able to use your recovery media should you ever need to reload Windows.

You will not be able to use the recovery media to restore your system once you change motherboards. Major manufactures OEM Windows licenses are tied to the hardware. So you cannot use the restore media with different hardware.

Activation may or may not be a problem. As the motherboard holds most of the items that Microsoft uses to verify the system configuration and create the activation code, changing the motherboard WILL require that you reactivate Windows and Office if installed.

For my custom built systems, this has never been a problem with XP. However, I have never had to swap out major hardware on a name brand OEM system with Vista. So, I do not know if Microsoft allows a reactivation for a major hardware change.

Anyhow, back to your initial question, the answer is no and perhaps.

Moving a hard drive with Windows installed on it to a different motherboard usually does not work. A lot depends on how different the motherboards are. If they use the same chip-sets and video controllers, it tends to work. However, even different chip-sets from the same manufacture often will not work.

Your "BEST" chance for success when moving a hard drive to a new system or motherboard is to make sure you press F8 for the startup options and boot up into safe mode the very first time you boot up the system. That way, Windows is able to sort out the drivers and you should be able to boot into normal mode and start installing all of the correct drivers for the new hardware.

Just keep in mind that there is a chance that Microsoft will require you to purchase new software licenses for your "new" system.


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Will the HDD (with Vista) plug n play with the new mobo?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to A question HP's, tattoo's ...

Yes it would, but you will have to install the NEW motherboard drivers, and input or activate the Windows keys.

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Thanks guys!

by twilazoned In reply to A question HP's, tattoo's ...

I'll plan on putting in one that's close to the original (same chipset, socket, v-card, etc), but when researching the original it appears that it was simply a problem board from the start, and had NO room for expansion.

You know how it is... if you gotta replace it, you gotta tweak it a little bit at the very least.


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