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A question of email etiquette

By Tink! ·
I received an email today from one of our customers. They were sending the same email to a bunch of their suppliers - I know this because they had everyone's email address in the TO field! Aaagh! I cringe when I see this sort of thing - especially from a business.

So, I am wondering, should I send a polite reply email informing them of the security risk in plopping everyone into the TO field and with instructions on how to use the BCC field? Or should I just let it slide?

Tink :)

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I would think that

by The Scummy One In reply to A question of email etiqu ...

sending a polite email response would not be a bad thing. Unless they are the a-hole sort of people who take everything as a personal offense :0

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As much as it pains me to say it

by jimmy-jam In reply to I would think that

I agree with Scummy

If you think they won't take it as a personal offense it may not be a bad idea to let them know. They may just be ignorant of the risk.

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Leave the ignorant alone

by jdclyde In reply to As much as it pains me to ...

A lot of people do not want to be told how stupid they are.

If you wish to continue doing business with them, I would let them be blissfully unaware.

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Ask about intent

by Geek3001 In reply to A question of email etiqu ...

You can always ask if their intent was to distribute the supplier list to all of the suppliers.

As part of the response, include links to mainstream articles about the dangers of not using the BCC field. If someone else is doing the 'talking' they might listen and not get mad at you.

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I usually send them an e-mail.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to A question of email etiqu ...

As you suggested, making them aware of the potential problems. With customers, I only send it once. With suppliers, the second notice goes to everyone in their company that's on the original 'TO' distribution, informing them that if necessary the third notice will go to -everyone- on the original distribution.

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My etiquette story

by JamesRL In reply to A question of email etiqu ...

Went to a trade show, dropped my business card in the bowl for a draw(it was for a product I might have been interested in, I wouldn't bother otherwise).

Got an email, with all the entrants names in the To: list.

I didn't win

But a few days later, I get another email, from another company, spamming with stuff I don't want. It has exactly the same mailing list, except the sender was no longer on the To: list.

I wrote a nastygram telling them I thought they were scum for stealing this guys list. Afterall, he paid for a booth at the trade show, and gave out a prize.

The spammer told me they had just as much right as anyone, that the names were now public domain.

I told them I would make sure that my purchasing department would not buy a single thing from them, ever.

So yes, I would send them a polite email, you never know how the list might be used.


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Make it about protecting your information, not telling them what to do

by Maevinn In reply to A question of email etiqu ...

I'd send a polite email requesting that MY information be listed in the BCC for future emails so that it isn't available to everyone. If you want, you can explain that you're not comfortable knowing the competition might use your email irresponsibly.

Anyone who is at all bright will realize the point you're making without it looking like you're telling them what they should be doing.

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That sounds like a good solution

by The Scummy One In reply to Make it about protecting ...

just politely request that you want you/your companies name in the bcc field from then on, with a small explanation

Thanks for that input

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Excellent Idea

by Tink! In reply to Make it about protecting ...

very tactful. Will do. Thanks!

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