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a question only for the win98 pros!!!

By topdarklegacy ·
I have a dilemma. I currently have windows NT on a pentium 166 on my pc upstairs. But i want to play my old win 98 games on it. I have a created boot-disk and a copied win98 setup disk ( in case i lost the original which i did). I restart the pc with the boot disk in and I see a few dos lines containing banana and cd-rom drivers and then it takes me to a line reading driver=R and it leaves me at the promopt A. what do i do to tell it to install from the floppy? i will havethe upmost respect for whoever solves this problem. PS. I have also copied the win98 disk to my hard drive.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to a question only for the w ...

Do you want to keep NT on the PC or remove it?
If remove it then, I suggest run FDISK and delete the existing partition, then create a new Primary Dos Partition on it and Format it.
Then from the win98 CD run SETUP.EXE to install windows 98.

If the hard disk was formatted as NTFS, then you cann install 98 as 98 does not understand NTFS volumes, it must be removed first.

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by pierrejamme In reply to a question only for the w ...

"banana sounds like you have a generic boot disk from, make sure you have path=a:\in the autoexec.bat.
Since you probably copied the win98 files to your NT hard drive, you won't be able to access it from this boot disk as it is ntfs. Try copying those files to a cdr and make it accessible for for all users.
Your R drive is your cdrom from where you will run R\setup.exe after you make the disk.
Good luck.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to a question only for the w ...

banana is only fun for a little while, eh? rdl. sorry but you cannot do this with boot floppy. might be easier to do if you added in second hd for win98.
see mskb article 243896 for how to dual boot nt and win 98. if using only one hd you will need Partionmagic to add in a partition for win98 as they boot totally differently and cannot share same partition. if no partition magic, add another hd or be willing to start over fresh with both os's. the article is well worth reading in its entirety and has many many useful interesting links. here is excerpt:
This article describes how to dual boot between Windows NT 4.0 using an NTFS partition of any size, while allowing Windows 98 to reside on a large volume using FAT32.

For Windows 98 to coexist with Windows NT 4.0 on a large NTFS partition, a small FAT active partition must exist at the beginning of the drive. Currently, FAT16 using the 32-KB cluster size is the only common file system that both operating systems can address from Power On Self-Test (POST). Therefore, making a FAT drive C partition that is 2 GB in size or less, ensures the proper cluster size is used.

If the active partition is NTFS or large FAT16 using the 64-KB cluster size, Windows 98 does not boot because these file systems are not accessible to the boot code that Windows 98 uses. Likewise, if the active partition is FAT32, Windows NT does not boot.

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by TheChas In reply to a question only for the w ...

Unlike DOS, you cannot run W98 from a floppy or CD boot.
You need to run from a hard disk.

As has been stated, NT uses the NTFS file system. W98 CANNOT read or access a NTFS volume.
You need to have a formatted FAT volume in place before you install W98.

To keep your NT system operational, and install Win 98, you need to set up a dual boot system.

The "cheap" way is to use a partition manager and split your hard drive into 2 smaller drives.
You want to have a minimum of 2GB for either NT or 98. If your present hard drive is small, you would be better off adding a second hard drive.

I don't believe NT or W98 will set up an automatic dual boot configuration. You may need a boot manager.

A simpler and safer option with dual drives is a "hot-swap" hard drive bay.
Get a bay and a spare tray.
Install your NT drive in 1 tray, and install a second drive for W98 in the other tray.
Set the BIOS to autodetect your hard drive.
Install W98 on the second hard drive.

Then, before booting up make sure the correct drive is in the bay.

Oh, to install W98 from a floppy boot, you need to either:
1. have the CD in the drive and run setup from the DOS prompt.
2. Browse to the folder where you copied the W98 CD, and run setup from there.

When installing W98 onto a "new" hard drive, you first need to partition and format the drive.
From a W98 startup floppy, run the following commands at the DOS prompt. (Hit return to execute each command)

fdisk /mbr

(If your hard drive is larger than 2GB, answer yes at the large hard drive prompt.)
You need to create at least a primary DOS partition.
And, mark it as the active partition so that it can be used to boot your PC.

After the drive is partitioned, exit fdisk and re-boot.

Next format the drive. If the drive is C: the command is:

format C: /s
(The "S" switch copies the system files to the drive and makes the drive bootable.)

Resources: (partitioning)

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