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A Sad Day for Israel

By ProtiusX ·
It truly is a sad day for Israel. Moreover, it is a sad day for humanity, decency, and for all those things that make us more than animals. Israel has been repeatedly attacked over, and over, and over again. Hezbollah has declared their intent to destroy Israel. They will not relent until every Jew is eradicated from the face of the earth. This is not war; it is genocide. So why is it that the world seems to have sympathy for Hezbollah (or Hamas for that matter?)?
We have seen the honor of the Palestinian who returns coffins and body parts in exchange for their so called ?heroes? who are nothing more than cold blooded EVIL child murderers. Hezbollah declared that this is an official defeat over Israel. If history is to teach us anything it is that Israel is not so easily defeated. Israel for their part have allowed this kind of thing to occur by deviating from their tough stance and hard lined approach. They have mistakenly believed they could negotiate with those who would rather see them dead. Enough is enough. The only way for Israel to survive surrounded by people who would see them ?wiped from the face of the Earth? is to return to the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu and deal harshly with those who threaten Israel. Time was where Israel would respond en mass to incursions into their territory or attacks on their people. What has happened to the IDF?
Israel ? If you hear my plea it is to destroy those who advocate your destruction and work with those who offer you peace. The Hezbollah are murderers, liars and thieves and they should be treated as such.

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What has happened?

by The Scummy One In reply to A Sad Day for Israel

How about Lebanon a few years back! Right along with all
of the news stories about how Israel was acting too harsh
and such.
The International community came down hard on Israel,
and tries to 'Tame' them.
However, I too think that Israel is in a different position
than other countries that try to set policy for them. When
your neighbor wants you dead at all cost, just sitting back
and getting screwed is not always the answer.
Personally, I feel Israel is justified to military operations
for Every Single rocket that flies into her borders, Every
Single act of aggression against her.

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human nature, we need a 3rd world war to weed out extremeisms

by jeanl In reply to A Sad Day for Israel

The world need another world war. That's is international force aim at Islamic states with extreme fundamentalism, wipe them out once for all. In order to do that is to let them have what they wanted, empower themselves with nuke and wait for them to use it, directly or indirectly. We may encounter some heavy casualty, but it would be good for all humanity for the future generation. During this period we have to focus on 3 things: 1) self sufficient renewable enegy technology and green energy sources. 2) new technology counter all nuke weaponry and advance detection system. Re-invent much more powerful Mother of all boom that could wipe out all living within 100 sq mile with one boom without any long term contamination. 3) reform United Nations and disqualify nations consider a treat to security of it's neighbors or it;s own people.

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We ? You first

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to human nature, we need a 3 ...

reply when you've joined and some bullets have gone past your head. Mind you given this brainless drivel, one smack in the forehead would do little more than get you a bollocking, for not having your beret on right.

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No Offense but CNN better forum for this

by trrrr In reply to A Sad Day for Israel
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Any forum

by jdclyde In reply to No Offense but CNN better ...

where intelligent people gather, is a good place for "this".

You saw the title before you decided to come into the discussion and read it. If you don't wish to be a part of such discussions, don't click on it.

Off-topic discussions are allowed here by Tech Republic, and it is not for you to presume to speak for them.

No offense, of course.

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None taken

by trrrr In reply to Any forum

But ... what is your IP

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IP? We don't need no steeenk'en....

by jdclyde In reply to None taken

With it hard to convey tone, it was an effort to inform a new user (you) of what is and isn't condoned, without intending to sound hostile.

Chill and enjoy the ride.

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All meant in fun dude.

by trrrr In reply to IP? We don't need no ste ...

I am truly new to this forum but not to tech stuff. I noticed the name of this Forum was TECH REPUBLIC not ISRAELI / HAMAS REPUBLIC. I have friends who are Israeli and I understand the frustrations that the region has had for many years. I apologize for my ignorance of your ignorance. I will never post here again nor shall I even look here. I will assume you may reply GOOD RIDDENCE. That is how i see it too. A tech forum about the middle east BS

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Chill out!

by Jellimonsta In reply to All meant in fun dude.

TR is also known as a 'virtual water cooler' to many folk here. Things from music, jokes, religion, politics, world affairs, climate change, and everything in between are discussed.
Don't get bent out of shape, snoop around and enjoy the ride. It is truly a great site for both technical and non-technical discussion.

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speaking of climate change

by jimmy-jam In reply to Chill out!

can anyone tell me how to write a script to hack the HVAC system??? It is terribly hot here in the dungeon

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