A safe way to test a CPU

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What is a safe way to test a cpu processor that is not currently residing in a computer? The processor is a 3.7ghz quad-core AMD, its worth keeping at least, I know. I do not know the exact specs other than the clock speed. The computer it was in is shot. Crappy pegetron violet-6 motherboard shorted the ground with the onboard video and conducted 32 amps through itself. YAY SPARKLY!

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Just an observation here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A safe way to test a CPU

AMD CPU's tend to die along with the M'Boards when they drop their bundle. I have yet to have a single AMD CPU be reusable on another M'Board when the original M'Board that they where living on had died.

There never seems to be enough protection built into the Chip Sets used for AMD CPU's and they get destroyed along with the M'Board when things go wrong.

The only real way to test them though is to mount them onto a Working M'Board and power it up and see if the CPU is correctly recognized and then run some Diagnostic Tests. While not common I have had 2 AMD CPU's over the years actually work on a M'Board but fail tests and hang the system. They had been degraded not enough to kill them but more than enough to stop them working properly.

These days unless it is a current generation AMD I simply don't bother trying them to see if they work. On every occasion that I did test them as stated above only 2 every sort of worked and the rest damaged the new M'Board.

Of course if you had a Safe Power Supply like an Antec running the system then things may be different but from the AMD Systems that I've dealt with over the years they seem to all have cheap Power Supplies to go along with the then Cheap CPU's and it's the Cheap Nasty Power Supplies which cause all the damage.


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