A Second Level Login

By estyne ·
Goal: After logging into Windows with a user name and password, I would like to be presented with another prompt for another password before being allowed to move forward.
Like 2FA but not. I'm not looking to use a cell phone, email, token etc. rather looking for the second level password to be stored on the workstation or somewhere on the local network. I don't know what you'd call this so I can't seem to find anything that matches what I'm thinking.
Providing I've articulated this well enough, does anyone know of a software (free or not) or a method I can use to accomplish this?
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Before we start.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to A Second Level Login

This is not in keeping with Windows current login method and from what I've seen everyone that has asked for this is not steeped deeply in altering the MSGINA system. Nod to may have updates. repeats how this is problematic at best.

-> Again, Windows has been built on SINGLE SIGN ON for decades. This flies against a basic underlying design.

Another answer: Use the BIOS PASSWORD. Now it takes TWO passwords to get in.

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