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A Second Novell Gateway...

By mwatson ·
Good day, folks.

We have an NT Domain (who doesn't?) with a single instance of Gateway Services for Netware. There are currently only 30+ users in this domain BUT there are several Admin Assistants that are constantly sucking up bandwidth with open pipes to huge Photoshop, Powerpoint and Quark XPress files (often 20+ mb); they're constantly complaining of slow file access/open times -- and they're valid. I've attempted to open the files through the GW and from the NT servers on their side of the GW. The Novell side is using TCP/IP so I can't imagine there'd be much header overhead/translation.

My question, really, is this:

Would a second Gateway on a separate server help with throughput? I swear I read it somewhere.

Opinionsand suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.

(I have also considered the software, switches, etc. for possible bottlenecks...I just want to know about a second instance of GSNW.)

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A Second Novell Gateway...

by JimBb In reply to A Second Novell Gateway.. ...

I know you're jsut asking for GSNW, but I wonder about something else nevertheless (there goes another Reject (-.
A NetWare server is by default tuned for a relatively light machine (read: not much RAM and a small disk) for relatively few people (about 25-50) accessing not too much and too big files.
In Monitor, check "dirty cache buffers" and "current disk requests". These numbers should go up and down, and return to zero every so many seconds. If they don't, then the tuning of the caching is your problem. Look for documents on "tuning and performance" on for details. If you're sure that switches and cabling are not to blame, I do suggest to look at this.


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