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A silly money making op on the net!

By snharden ·
Yea i know this stuff has been tried before but what the heck. You never know.

If you go to http;// and read their blurb you can supposedly turn your spam into cash! Sort of like the old for those that remember them. My boxbe addy is if anyone would like to send some spammy stuff my way. This has been tried before and you can use any e-mail address to signup and its pretty anonymous as far as I can tell but may be worth a shot even if it only pays for your internet access. Once again for all the spambots out there my addy is

By the way you can set your own price. Mine is set at 10 cents. Once again for all the spam bots thats LOLOLOLOLOL

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I will be very certain to

by Tig2 In reply to A silly money making op o ...

Auto forward all of my spam to you!

Never ran across You would think that something like this would cause spammers to think twice before shipping spam all over.

The problem I see is that advertisers are not likely to pay to contact you. Therefore, you aren't likely to get rich off this. In fact, I doubt that you would be able to pay your connection fees.

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Count down to destruction. . . . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to A silly money making op o ...

.......ten, nine, eight......

I'll give this discussion 42 minutes before the PTB wastes it!

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Aren't you majoring in medicine?

by bobwyzguy In reply to Count down to destruction ...

Sorry - had to go there.

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Well, I'm obviously not majoring in. . . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Aren't you majoring in me ...

....getting my TechRepublic predictions correct. I was wrong on that one.

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Survey sites

by jdmercha In reply to A silly money making op o ...

Just sign up for all the survey sites you can find. You'll be getting 100's of spam a day. There is only two problems.

1. Most survey sights require varification of your email, so you have to let them in. Most advertisers will just get a rejection and take you off their list.

2. Paid access is not always paid access. Advertisrs can still get through by passing a test, rather than paying any money.

It sounds interesting but I wouldn;t hold my breath waiting for the cash to roll in.

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