A silly question, I know, network printer problems...

By jfuller05 ·
I need some guidance in my network printing troubleshooting.

The two network printers (Toshiba e-studios) can't be accessed from any of our computers. They are a part of the network with names and static IPs. Now, they cannot be used.

I used angry IP scanner and seen that the static IPs are dead, whereas before, the names of the printers would be recognized with the assigned IPs.

The patch cables are fine, as are the jacks.

In the configuration menu in the printers, the IP information is correct.

Obviously, something is wrong because when I try to access them from the computers, a window pops up telling me the path name is not correct.


edit: I failed to mention that pinging the IPs times out.

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Can you ping them?

by Kenone In reply to A silly question, I know, ...

Is the gateway correct? How about the subnet mask? Are the fixed ips in the same range?

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My bad,

by jfuller05 In reply to Can you ping them?

I failed to mention that information, I cannot ping the printers (request times out). It's as if the IP addresses aren't assigned to anything. Yes the IPs are in the same subnet.

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You say "static IPs", where are these kept?..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to A silly question, I know, ...

If you have (a) router(s) or (a) switch(s) i would check these first and change the ip addresses and names of the printers in question and then test them out to see if they work. Also new cables would be a good idea.

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I'll try changing the IPs of the printers.

by jfuller05 In reply to You say "static IPs", whe ...

The IPs aren't recognized as assigned to the printers anyway, so I'll change them.

I believe the cabling from the printers to the wall jack are fine. I tested them and there aren't any errors.

Also, I believe the network cards in the printers are fine too. Solid Green light along with blinking Orange light.

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Toshibas are pieces of

by IC-IT In reply to I'll try changing the IPs ...

Crap, when it comes to network connectivity. We have queues setup and still have to train users to power off then on the printers daily.

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Problem solved.

by jfuller05 In reply to A silly question, I know, ...

Changing the IP address solved the problem.

Thanks to everyone that replied to the question.

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It is nice to hear your problem has been solved... NT

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Problem solved.

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