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    A silly question, I know, network printer problems…


    by jfuller05 ·

    I need some guidance in my network printing troubleshooting.

    The two network printers (Toshiba e-studios) can’t be accessed from any of our computers. They are a part of the network with names and static IPs. Now, they cannot be used.

    I used angry IP scanner and seen that the static IPs are dead, whereas before, the names of the printers would be recognized with the assigned IPs.

    The patch cables are fine, as are the jacks.

    In the configuration menu in the printers, the IP information is correct.

    Obviously, something is wrong because when I try to access them from the computers, a window pops up telling me the path name is not correct.


    edit: I failed to mention that pinging the IPs times out.

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