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A source for removing unwanted excess or off lease equipment

By wildkholly ·
I know that some information technology managers are always looking for a venue to sell off lease, outdated or surplus computer equipment at their company that is just taking up space. is a full service, bulk liquidator that handles the disposition of business surplus regardless of quantity, type, condition or location. Putting unwanted inventory in front of over 10,000 qualified buyers and get between 20-200% more than traditional liquidation methods. You don't pay unless it sells.

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I wont use....

by JamesRL In reply to A source for removing unw ...

....The services of anyone who advertises in an inappropriate forum.


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by Cactus Pete In reply to I wont use....

I'm in total agreement.

I've notice a couple of these lately. I hope it's at the end of the trend.

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I hate to think this is advertising!

by wildkholly In reply to Never

Why is there always someone in the class that raises thier hand in class right when the bell rings..just go with the flow stop complaining for goodness sake. This is not advertising to me. This is allowing MIS managers (If you gripers actually are...) an opportunity to know whats out there. No one is getting one is selliing anything to you all. This is a service.

A very valuable service to actual MIS managers!

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Actual MIS managers

by JamesRL In reply to I hate to think this is a ...

I happen to be one, at a major corporation. With tens of thousands of employees.

You know I attended a conference on internet in early 1994, where the biggest topic of discussion was the "commercialization" of the net. There was a big backlash against people using the net to advertise in inappropriate areas like usenet groups. Little seems to have changed.

This is a discussion area for individuals. We get enough advertising on web pages - but posting in this area to try and sell your product is a little disengenuous. We have people asking for recommendations in these posts, and it would be nice to know that they would get an unbiased opinion not just an ad. Frankly I consider what you do to be SPAM, just its in a post in a discussion as opposed to in my inbox.

Then there is also the fact that Tech Republic sells ads. You are trying to get for free what other people pay for - how fair is that?

Again I will give you my opinion, and I know many other professionals here are of the same opinion. I don't and won't do business with business that act this way. Its in my humble opinion unprofessional.


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Students for Troops Overseas Aid.

by Oz_Media In reply to A source for removing unw ...

There are also upstanding and highly respected companies that remove such surplus 'working equipment' by simply donating it to those in need, schools and charities for example.

Perhaps you could do a little charitabe work yourself (and prove you re not looking for just a free plug) by actually helping a school based group trying to help support YOUR troops that are fighting in Iraq.

One of our peers here is working with some students and is in need of your help.

They are in desperate need for someone to donate a decent laser printer to their cause, they were ripped off on eBay when they raised funds to buy a printer in good faith, that didn't work after all.

I am sure they would offer plenty of kudos and a link to your site for such a nobel gesture.

Here's their website:

A newspaper article on the young men and women involved:

You can contact them via the website, or contact the high school (ask for School Advisor Donna Zippin)at (315) 624-1214.

What a great and uunselfish way to promote your business as a true believer in recycling this equipment and making sure it finds a good home, while supporting your troops overseas and showing that you care.

It wouldn't cost you too much at all and what a great thing you'd be doing for these people!

Just think, then you would actually warrant having your busines promoted by them and maybe even get a mention in the next newspaper article they do!

I am sure a definite positive business move!

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