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A stubborn Blue Screen

By cburd63 ·
I cannot solve BSOD after I updated several components.I updated the RAM, PSU, Video Card, MB/CPU and System HD and my system has sucked since. I have tried replacing every component, except the boot drive. I've deleted the partition and formatted. Been using XP pro but even tried to go back to 2000 pro but doesn't work.It happens when I am doing something graphic such as Doom 3 or any other game or a video file so it seems it is video or sound related. Game locks up and goes to a blue screen with different codes depending on which hardware is in or it goes back to the desktop in "high gamma" mode. Sometimes I get the IRQ not less than or equal to which I understand means that a certain device needs to address another device which must be using an IRQ# which is less than or equal to itself. I checked the IRQ layout in but Windows XP, things seem OK. SinceI don't understand the hex codes I can only guess which two devices are quarreling over the IRQ. If anyone knows how to interpret the blue screen hex error codes I would be deeply indebted if you could help me solve this!I need someone with good knowledge.

My current specs:
Athlon 64 3400 1MB socket 754 version
ASUS K8V SE Deluxe
1 GB (2X512) Ballistix low latency RAM
EVGA GeForce 6800GT AGP (replaced with FX5600 Ultra to no avail)
WD Raptor 74GB (Main boot drive) Connected to onboard SATA controller. (perhaps this? I am suspicious and haven't yet swapped this drive out. Any known issues with Raptor 74's?)
2 80GB WD PATA, Mirror RAID using onboard PATA RAID controller. (disconnecting drives and disabling contoller in BIOS didn't help)
Antec True Power 550W PSU (bought new enermax 425W but it did not help)
Audigy 2 sound card (removed and also enabled onboard sound and tried but didn't help)

Funny thing is it was working fine until I put all "high end" components in it. Go fu__ing figure.

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by CG IT In reply to A stubborn Blue Screen

don't know to many people who run 64 bit for gaming. I do know of a few on that run 64 bit processors and Windows XP 64 bit. you have a system that I know someone on has and hes a gamer. Might wander over there and check out the community forums hardware section and ask =SEALZ=ACE how his 64 bit rig runs or if he's had any problems.

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by In reply to A stubborn Blue Screen


I cannot help with blue screen hex codes. But...

1. I do not suspect your HDD, SATA controller, RAM, power supply, or sound card.

2. This is likely a video card/driver problem.

3. If it is video, you should also be able to cause a crash by playing an video file in Windows Media Player. Try it and see.

4. If it is video, you should be able to improve or workaround the problem by reducing hardware video acceleration (Control Panel->Display->Settings Tab->Advanced Button->Troubleshoot Tab). Try it and see. It's not an acceptable solution. But, it may help put the focus on video.

5. If it is video, the solution will be getting a corrected video driver from the manufacturer. Or, using a different video card.

Did this help?

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