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A survey is not research ...

By M Wagner ·
What you have is a survey - not research.

The survey does not tell us anything about the population of end users of each kind of platform.

Nor do you tell us the relative mix of PCs to Macs, just that there was a minimum number of Macs required to make the survey.

Further, the perceptions of IT managers are not necessarily a reflection of the experiences of those 'in the trenches'.

There is no mention of relative up-front hardware costs. Nor is any mention made actual TCO in dollars per workstation.

I see no mention of the number (or cost) of support personal "per PC" and "per Mac".

I see no metion of to what extent these environments must intereact with each other or other central network resources and whether those central resources are Mac-based, Windows-based or UNIX/Linux based.

Are these workstations used as delivered by the vendor or are they used under a uniform "build"?

All you have really shown is that there is a wide variation of opinion based upon lots of unknown criteria.

In the end, there are so many factors which come into play (but are not mentioned in the piece) that I would hesitate to conclude anything from your survey except that some IT managers have concluded that in their environment TCO is lower for Macintosh than for Windows.

This is exactly what I would conclude from 30+ years in the industry. Each situation is different and there are no general rules of thumb except that a thorough cost-benefit analysis (including TCO) needs to be factored into any project before a platform is selected.

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