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    A sysadmin guide to…


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      by hector_mis

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      Well, is not my first day at the job, so there’s a need to give some background:

      I’m not sure if I should consider myself a Sysadmin, don’t remember where but I saw a discussion about who is really a sysadmin. So far I’ve managed mainly Windows boxes; that’s not bad, but it’s not as impressive as saying: “I’ve managed Unix, Solaris, Linux servers and some Windows boxes” 馃槈

      In my previous job there weren’t many interesting things to do since all of us were moving more to become and expensive “help desk” rather than a cheap “IT department”. I know that sometimes this also has a lot to do with the kind of worker that you are; but since my CIO and CFO weren’t too interested in new technologies and new projects I decided to move along.

      I took a consulting job and currently getting into it. It’s been kind of difficult since my previous job was also the first one (last 4 years in it) and I was very familiar with the network. Now I need to start all over again: learning the subnets, who manages which servers (Big Enterprise), where are the servers, etc..

      Well, I’ve just received my token, I though they were in museums only; maybe i’ll go to this page to see if I can win something. =D

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