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A TechRepublic Tip that sabotaged me

By makarios51 ·
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I am so frustrated and mad I could puke! I was cleaning out some older emails and I came across the one below from TechRepublic. So I thought I'd give it a try! Well it worked, BUT ! The dang thing flashed a dos box and that was it. It did not show me the new password long enough to copy and paste or print or memorize. I'm not even sure if it had the new password in it. I do know my old password doesn't work because I went into my user account to try and change it and it wanted the password windows just created. I couldn't even create a Password Reset Disk with out the new password. Now I don't dare reboot or shut down because I don't know the

"Automatically generate and assign strong passwords in Windows XP
October 18, 2006
In order to keep your system secure, it's important to regularly change passwords. If you're having trouble coming up with a strong password, Windows XP can generate one for you. Greg Shultz shows you how.
Open a Command Prompt window and type:
net user username /random (username is your login account name)
Press [Enter]. Windows XP will randomly generate a secure password, as well as assign that strong password to your account. Windows XP will also display the strong password so you can remember it. At your discretion, you may want to create a Password Reset Disk at this point. This disk will allow you to gain access to your computer in the event you forget your password. Here's how to create the disk:
Open the Control Panel and double-click the User Accounts tool.
Click your account icon.
Select Prevent A Forgotten Password under Related Tasks.
Follow the instructions provided by the wizard.
Note: This tip applies to both Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional systems in either a standalone or peer-to-peer workgroup configuration."

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by CG IT In reply to A TechRepublic Tip that s ...

if the account is an administrator's account and not a limited user account, you can create another administrators account with a password that you know. copy the current profile to a folder or CD/floppy so you can restore that profile to your new account. Follow the instructions on copying a corrupted profile to a new profile from this MS KB article

If that doesn't work, others here will give you links to XP password reset tools.

Want a link on how to create a new account?

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Account type

by Sandcrawler In reply to well......

What kind of account is it? Local or a network?

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for future reference

by Sue T In reply to Account type

when you run a command that is going to use a dos window you need to first open a command prompt window and run it from there. If you run it from the run box it closes the window as soon as it is done running the command. Boot to a Knoppix CD and you can change the administrator password without knowing what the password is. This will fix your problem. Good Luck.

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Thanks for your reply.

by makarios51 In reply to Account type

I just want to thank those of you that were kind enough to reply. I do kinda feel like a dummy not knowing how to resolve my problem of not having the sense to do the tip from a dos box in the first place. I had called Circuit City and the computer guy said just type cmd in the run box and that brings up a dos box to run the command for the password creation and the box stays there. Da! Well anyway it worked. It's a good tip and every thing ok here now.
Again Thanks

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Sorry to hear it

by w2ktechman In reply to A TechRepublic Tip that s ...

This was a reply that I made for a similar request.

Although Sue T has a great suggestion. I actually use a Linux boot cd, registry editor for this function and have not tried Knoppix for this, but I hear it works well.

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use mmc snapin? or try linux boot disk.

by mrjay67 In reply to A TechRepublic Tip that s ...

Perhaps I am missing something but it seems that you should be able to just change your password before you restart. If you goto your user account you should be able to just put in a new password(or use the old one). If you are using XP PRO you can right click my computer and goto manage. There will be an option for local users and groups. Find your name in users and right click to see an option for set password.

I dont see why it should be any harder than this unless you are restricted somehow or using XP home. In home though you should still have a similar way to change it by finding your account through the users control panel applet.

I know if you go through ctrl-alt-del and hit change pass it will ask for current(old) password.

Otherwise there are linux disks out there that can change it by booting to them. You couyld try this one that I have used several times.


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