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A third man's perpective

By mejpsimard ·
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Religious wars

by mejpsimard In reply to A third man's perpective

As per the title, I have IT responsabilities that I'd rather not
have.  Since I'm not really in the industry, I find myself to have
a different perspective thant most IT guys.<br />
<br />
For instance, the multitude of half cooked rantings on which OS is
better is for me very close to religious.  You have the Windows
people, who like the Christians, seem to mourn their faith, but says
nothing is really better.  The linux people are a fanatical
protestants, since like protestants, you have so many flavors and all
would argue they have the thruth.  The Mac people are like
boudhists, saying that their way is better, but you don't have to come
along if you don't want to... but it's hip to do so.<br />
<br />
Seems to me that nobody is really thinking about what an OS really
should be.  Should it just let the user "operate the system" or
should have bells and whistles.  REAL IT PROS should come to an
consensus about where there OS should be in the future and how to get
there.<br />
<br />
Of course, the first step would have to be that everybody admits not
having anything close to a perfect OS at all.  Just like
religions, OS have their blind, obstinate followers who would "die" a
knight of the faith in a crusade for supposed supremacy.<br />

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