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    A thought to vet…


    by dwdino ·

    Recently, I was reviewing the market cap news that Apple was rated higher than Microsoft. (Interesting to look into the full details though)

    This lead to a study of the history of Apple from near death to its current success.

    At this point a new thought hit me – Is Apple’s recent success tied to the composition of the current generation? Or, would Apple have experienced this success without the current generation’s perceptions?

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      Speaking from a former generation

      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to A thought to vet…

      Your query is well-grammatically put. It’s tidy. It does its job.

      Your last interrogatory, though, needs a possessive hyphen (generation’s). Or, you could switch perceptions by saying, “without current generational perception”, losing the, “the”; or, losing the, “current”, as well.

      You put it so nearly well. Might even generate a thousand replies.

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        Duly noted.

        by dwdino ·

        In reply to Speaking from a former generation

        Thank you for your correction.

        Have you any response to the question?

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          Not a correction.

          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to Duly noted.

          Merely suggestive. As I said: You done good.

          I, too, note and stay on top of current financial shenanigans, increasingly more so since we all may be circling the drain, relative shareholder value notwithstanding.

          I see all manner of comparative societal values — scientific, medical, astrophysical, et al — going regrettably down the putative drain.

          In short, I don’t give a shilt about Apple.


          The following [i]is[/i] a correction: see to the apparently missing “t” in your title. Makes no sense when you say, “though”.

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