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By marcpen ·
Price and value are the same thing. I bought a 120UKP pair of Timberland boots(everything is expensive here) and they lasted me eight years. I bought a 40 quid pair of Wranglers and they lasted 18 months. Which were the more expensive? Which were better value? I've just bought another pair of Timberlands(only the time off eBay, for a lot lot less).
I have just been tempted to shift DSL supplier because a price war is breaking out here in the UK. I have been with Pipex for over a year paying 23.40UKP ($42 US) a month for a 512Kb/256Kb feed. It wasn't the cheapest when I got it but I went for quality and reliability rather than save a couple of pounds a month. Pipex announced several months ago that they were doubling the speed at no extra cost as a reward to their loyal customers. But it has never happened. Anyway, it was too little too late.
On top of the payment to Pipex I have to pay for a landline from British Telecom which costs another 10 a month.
Now rivals Bulldog have arrived in my home town of Brighton and they are offering a 4Mb/400Kb package with phoneline included for 30UKP a month ($54 US) for the first year and no setup charges, rising to 40. At which point, of course I will just move on to the next introductory deal.
Bulldog are not offering the usual free modem and security software with this deal. They seem to be targeting existing DSL users like myself who have started to become aware of their restricted bandwidth.
The eight-fold increase in speed should be quite noticeable, and I'll be saving nearly ?5 a month.
Now that seems like good value at a reasonable price to me, but then I live in one of the most expensive places on the planet.

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So it may seem

by Oz_Media In reply to A UK perspective

I agree, MANY items in the UK are damn expensive. I find most dat to day needs, utilities, food, clothing etc. are not that different than Canadian prices, especially when comparing wages, taxes etc.

It is horrednously expensive to take Canadian money, exchange it to pounds and then go to England to VISIT, but when living in England, or earning and spending british pounds, it's not really that much different than in Canada.

American prices are generally slightly lower than many Canadian prices, but then again, the wages are generally slightly lower too. Again, to take Canadian money to the US doesn't work out any cheaper in most cases though.

Brighton, now there's somewhere I haven't been in donkey's years, which is funny really because it had a HUGE influence on the UK (and then world) music industry.

For income I receive from most parts of Europe I have a UK account(still a british citizen), so when I am over I have money to spend that doesn't kill my Canadian accounts. It helps because I also spend a lot of money in Europe, from Canada most of the time, but it comes from THAT account so I take less of a hit.

It's all relative really, even though many things are astronomically expensive there, for the most part it's all pretty square.

We just have more trees, mountains and lakes that's all, you would find Vancouver Island, and Vancouver for that matter, to be very similar to England (as far as the people and the pubs) but surrounded by mountains.

My Cable connection, 5Mbps, is about $50.00/mo, the satellite connection (which I use most) runs upward of $300.00/mo. with bandwidth, but I get it gratis for promoting their business to my clients and having my clients sell their services too, kinda like a comission on a faith basis, they get residual business so I get bandwidth.

When you add the cable connection cost into your cable bill, you are also looking at just over $100.00/mo, Cable and internet.

For phone DSL, you may only pay $49.99 for a monthly connection fee, but the telco line charges are nearly $50.00 too so again, it's $100/mo but for a slower 1500bps connection.

Like I say, it's all relative and pretty much works out the same, then again, we get the **** taxed out of everything else we buy though, twice, there's even tax on the internet connections and phone lines here, it's a service that falls under the Goods and Services Tax and also falls under Provincial tax laws.

My most recent cable/internet bill has over $14 tax added to it too.

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Bulldog = C&W

by Skidoggeruk In reply to A UK perspective

noticed somewhere that this is a re-badge of Cable & Wireless? Don't suppose that matters.

If you want a bundled pay and forget about deal, go for it. (Direct debit discount?)

I got caught out too, when BT "unbundled" wholesale broadband, I am now waiting for current contract to end, and will move to 2Mb for the same cost I am paying now. ISP offered to upgrade me for a ?20 "BT" fee. Argh.

Good Luck

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