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a very high network traffic

By hatem_shuman2002 ·
dear all
i have a very high network traffic on my network generated from a
specific ip (PC). i have 2000 server and xp clients. the traffic hang
my internet connection line. so, i can not access the internet or any
my server outside egypt as well i connected to them using leased
line. all my PC (server and PC) contain all update for microsoft
patches, norton co-orpate edition. the pc which generate the traffic
has no unexpected service or program running. i check the virus.
could u help me.
thank you.

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Chattering NIC anyone?

by kwoolsey In reply to a very high network traff ...

Sounds like a beserk NIC cards spitting packets onto the network. Replace the NIC, and go from there.

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You have to do a litle more tooubleshooting

by T.wennerg In reply to a very high network traff ...

You need to somehow find out some more about the traffic. to do this you can do one or all of the following:
- use a sniffer to invesigate the traffic.
- view logs on switches,routers and firewall.
- debug routers to look closer on the packets.
It probably a good idea ro replace the PC first with a new one and put the troubling PC in a LAB enviroment first. If the problem follow the PC, you shurly locate the problem to the PC. If not, the problem is somewhere else in the network or comming from Internet.

So to troubleshooting. the steps you take will vary depending on what you find.

What you should lokk for is information about:

Is there a lot of errors on the switch port connected to the PC.
ip the traffic is IP:
Who is sending and receiving the traffic.
What kind of traffic is it (TCP/UDP port)

good luck

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