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A Week of Controversy

By swgoldwire2546 ·
Another day, another week, another thread to concoct and concept. Last week was a crazy one for the TechRepublic and CNET crews concerning Sony BMG Music Entertainment, and its parent company, Sony Corporation.

The threaded blog sphere lit up concerning the "rootkit" implanted in select compact discs albums that Sony initiated. We all know that Sony BMG and other organisations in the Music Industry are trying to protect their profits by means of curbing piracy.

While Sony's intentions are good, this rootkit problem embedded in the anti-copy software has gotten the TechRepublic and CNET crew hopping mad and concerned. And that has me concerned as well concerning Sony BMG. I am like, "Okay, suppose I buy a certain compact disc album that has the copy-restriction software in it. Will my computer be affected if I uninstall the program? What about the possible rootkit thing that will leave ports open to hackers while incognito?" THAT is what concerns me, not that I have any 'beef' with Sony BMG, that has allowed me to proceed with caution.

Not only did the people of the TechRepublic and CNET crews are flushed with anger about the whole Sony situation, antivirus companies are concerned about the rootkit situation as well. Symantec, Trend Micro, et. al. warned the public concerning these rootkits and their potential to do damage.

Concerning the controversy and after hearing all the warning these posed, Sony BMG temporarily ceased producing these CDs with the rootkit software.

I understand the whole situation with this anti-piracy thing. It will get to the point that for every music compact disc you purchase, you actually do not own the music but merely the license. The same situation is true in the case of software itself. For example, Microsoft owns Windows of many versions and flavours, from Windows 1.0 to the future Windows Vista. You do not own Windows but merely the license to run Windows.

Feel free to holler back at me when you read this thread. I will look forward to your response soon.

-swg :)

The Post Script: I understand where these organisations and people are coming from, trying to protect their futures and intellectual properties. I have one thing to say:

I know you guys are trying to protect and secure your intellectual properties, futures and investments. The only way for you guys to actually discourage piracy and hackers is if you shut up about it. Nobody wants to know about the details of your products and, quite frankly, nobody cares (or so I thought).

In the Bible, Jehovah God did warn us regarding His day of judgement and that we should be in expectation of it. BUT He DID NOT say WHEN His day is coming! That KILLS the speculation so that, not even His Son knows the exact day of judgement. (Mark 13:32, 33)

So, if all you organisations and people from musicians to chief executive officers want to discuss the product, give ONLY bits of information about it, but DO NOT SAY WHEN!, lest there be false hopes and rumoured speculations be floating about! &lt

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Of additional note. . .

by swgoldwire2546 In reply to A Week of Controversy

In addition to my posted thread and the post script, I have to say this concerning all these people and organisations out there doing what they have to do to protect and secure their ends. . .

I pity the persons and organisations taking risk to protect their ends. I understand this kind of struggle there, but why risk yourselves hurt by resorting to some extreme means to curb piracy, all the while telling the end consumer (end user if the consumer uses the computer) many details about the product? Not that many end consumers would even care for such a thing until AFTER the product is out in the market.

-swg :)

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