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A Weird 2003 server problem

By mgonzales ·
I recently experienced a windows 2003 server that after AD was installed I could no longer ping the server by name or IP. However if I initiated a ping from the server to a workstation that was unable to ping it would work. Also the server will not issue IP addresses to any machine on the LAN. The server is configured to talk to pre 2000 computers.

Any suggestions?

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by dave In reply to A Weird 2003 server probl ...

Several things here to consider...

First DHCP must be authorized on the AD before it will send out IPs, go back and make sure the scope is configured correctly, the server is authorized, and activated. That should open the DHCP.

Also, AD requires the server to run DNS, make sure it is configured correctly, and ALL computers on the LAN use that server's IP address as the FIRST DNS server. Even the server itself needs to have its own DNS number as the first one.

Check those, and let me know the results.


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by mgonzales In reply to

DHCP is authorized and the scope is active on the same network as the LAN.

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by BFilmFan In reply to A Weird 2003 server probl ...

It sounds like to me the server has fallen out of either WINS or DNS.

Is the server a domain controller or simply a Windows 2003 member server?

While you can run a domain controller without it also being a DNS server, I don't generally recommend it. If it is a domain controller, I would recommend installing the DNS service.

If it is a member server, which offers up DHCP services, try the following:

Open up a command prompt.
Run the command IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS
Depending on your environment, this might take the 15 minutes to replicate to the DNS server that the Microsoft messages states it does.
Again try to pint the server by both IP address and name.
If you are not resolving the IP address to the name, check the DNS server for issues.

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by mgonzales In reply to

This same thing happens even when I ping the server by the IP address and not the name.

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by razz2 In reply to A Weird 2003 server probl ...

It sounds like multiple issues. First authorize your DHCP server
and make sure the scope is setup right. Then we can assure all
have proper ip setups. Also, make sure DNS is running ok. That
will fix name resolution etc.

Now for the failed pinging of an ip address. it is either a
different ip subnet or is be ing blocked by firewall software,
filters or routers.If you had the same subnet on the same LAN
segment it should work unless something is being blocked
somewhere. Try doing a tracert from the workstation to server
and server to station and see what happens. Is there any routing
going on or are all on the same subnet?

Good Luck,


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by mgonzales In reply to

All is set correctly

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by mgonzales In reply to A Weird 2003 server probl ...

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