a wlan to lan problem

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hello ...
i have an existing lan in my office, connected to an outside BIG network, and i want to add wireless connectivity to my office, i have a linksys router, i connected it to my lan (lan port not internet port),and turned on wireless on it, i configured the router with the ip, and turned the DHCP on, connected to the router and everything is ok till now, i configured the router with a lan IP lan), and with the correct subnet and gateway and to work as a router(not gateway), but i still can't connect to the internet through the wlan, where can the problem be ???

notice : we have a proxy installed on the main server but i don't know if i should put it on the router or where to do..

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Do you have a DHCP server at your site?

by robo_dev In reply to a wlan to lan problem

When connecting the router to another network via a LAN port, it's strictly a layer-two device (e.g. mac-layer bridge or ethernet switch).

Which means you want to turn the DHCP server in the router OFF, and use whatever DHCP services are on your wired LAN for the WLAN clients.

When configured this way, the IP address and gateway settings on the router have no effect on the WLAN clients, they only allow you to get to the web interface of the router, that's it.

Similarly, the proxy is not an issue.

Just disable DHCP in the router, leave it connected via a LAN port, and your WLAN clients will act just like wired lan clients.

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