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A working W3K model needed!

By Whatme? ·
In the process of W3K planning!!!
I have a w2k single domain model (all workstations wXP...native mode)across 5 ..slow...geographic sites. At site 1 I have the DC (all rolls) also/ DNS/DHCP/AD/GC. In each site I created a DC (not a child domain) w/AD/DHCP/DNS/GC.
these other 4 of these sites only contain approx 10 workstations each.
The single domain model works well but replication is a problem across slow networks
(almost more servers than workstations)
Would there have been less replication w/ child domains? and
W/ W3K I have heard that I can do with less...meaning less DCs. Is this feasable? Our users do not have roaming profiles.
To sum it up..with W3K.. Should i go with child domains? or single domain? or single with less DCs?

This is a lot to ask without knowing more but a basic idea is what I am after and possibly an email or two (to mull it over and do it may way anyway (: ))

Bottom line... less DCs(or hardware servers) if I can do it

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by Joseph Moore In reply to A working W3K model neede ...

Here are my thoughts on this.
I personally like child domains in different geographical locations over the "single domain covering the WAN" concept.
But, I also feel that each remote office, when part of the single domain like you have, NEEDS its own DC running the Global Catalog, again like you have it. If your link from REMOTE_OFFICE_1 were to drop, then your users at that office would not be able to find local resources, or log in (well, they could still log in using cached credentials), and other kinds of problems. It would be wrong, IMHO, to not have a DC in each office.
I haven't been using Win2K3, so I can't comment one way or the other.

I do wonder, did you set up Sites in the AD Sites And Services snap-in?

You could set up different Sites, one for each remote office, and put the respective DC in that Site. Then set up the Replication between the DCs to run on a schedule that works for you. Set them to only run at night, so daytime bandwidth is not used for AD replication.

hope this helps

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by Whatme? In reply to

Sorry to take so long answering. I guess I knew what you were suggesting all along. I tried a child domain model on 2 of our sites and it does work a bit better...still on W2K. I have yet to implement the W3K

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by Whatme? In reply to A working W3K model neede ...

In response to question 1. Originally I put each site DC in its own site in AD sites and services, set up direct (IP)site links to each site but for some reason we were not able to "see" our other computers or sites in network places. Only it worked for us(maybe because we didn't create child domains) was to put all dcs in firstsite

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by Whatme? In reply to A working W3K model neede ...

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