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Aaargghh - I am ROYALLY peaced off at the moment -- hope nothing major

By Deadly Ernest ·
happened while I was absent.

(rant alert - in case you haven't guessed yet)

About 24 hours ago my screen went blank in the middle of writing a post to a discussion. Nothing I did would make it come back up. I little trouble shooting and it looked like the VGA card, and bit more trouble and it turned out to be a post boot sync error by the monitor itself. In the meantime, trying to get another graphics card working meant I had a mess of messed up graphics drivers. Arrgh.

I'm just getting that sorted when the power goes, and guess what else went at the same time - yep the UPS chose that exact second to leave with the power. Over the following six hours power was up and down five times, catching me in mid work each time.

When it finally came back up permanently about ten hours ago, I finally able to get my system started again. But it's so scrambled now I had to actually finish building the replacement I've been meaning to switch too for four months. And spent the rest of the day getting it up to where I want it with all the apps tuned right and critical data transferred.

Oh woe is me, my bloody external hard drive doesn't want to play nice now and won't let me have my back up data back. So back to the original, carefully rebuild that and copy the data to DVD and carry it across.

Now I'm back to where I was this time yesterday and in bad need of some sleep.

Only good thing to come out of this is I'm now working with SimplyMepis 8 because I want my KDE 3.5 and not KDE 4 - so I switched back from Kubuntu.

I've still got a lot of data to move across, but should get that done. The big issue now is my pages of web site passwords. I couldn't get it to export so I brought them up and did screen shots, and now have to log in to them all and save the passwords again. Oi vey, what a task - but I'll leave that for later.

For some years I've had NO trouble, but now it all comes at once. Arrgh.

If I bite anyone's head off in the next day or so, I apologise in advance as I don't really mean it, but am a bit short on patience at the moment.

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Ack! That freaking

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Aaargghh - I am ROYALLY ...

damn Murphy!
I wondered where he'd been playing lately.

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I'm used to playing with Murphy, but did he have to bring the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ack! That freaking

rest of his clan with him?

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Take it out on a spammer, Ernest.

by gadgetgirl In reply to Ack! That freaking

Hit the button, and thoroughly enjoy that little box that comes up - "Are you sure you want to report this post as spam? It cannot be undone". Enjoy the feeling of hitting the ok button knowing you're only harming one of the braindead.

Exasperation is the one thing these computers are great at manufacturing. Having nearly thrown the lappie out of the window whilst trying to upload my pics, I, for one, understand.

Have a good rest, recuperate, and come back refreshed, ready for the spammer hunt.

I'll keep my trigger finger under control and leave any I find just for you!

Best of luck with the rest of the restoration!


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You are sweeter

by santeewelding In reply to Take it out on a spammer, ...

Than I am sweet.

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New-CASS-ul .....! (nt)

by gadgetgirl In reply to You are sweeter
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NUKE-Assul ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to New-CASS-ul .....! (nt)

Always thought it sounded like an excessively stilted, American atomic attack - a Nuke-Assault.

There's probably some in-bred redneck somewhere, sitting in an underground missile silo bunker, that can pronounce NEWCASTLE perfectly.

All that is now needed is to edumuficate him in the art of properly pronouncing the word BROWN.

Of course, then begins teaching him the art of sitting in a Pub, resisting the urge to kill anyone around that taunts him for drinking the delicious liquid via a short tumbler, which should be constantly replenished straight from the bottle sitting alongside.

And for all the Peers that attended the get together and are missing GG's accent - here - try and figure this load out 'fawr yersels'.



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The uniforms are wrong

by NickNielsen In reply to NUKE-Assul ...

but otherwise that's TSA for you!

And what does Margaret bluidy Thatcher have to do wi' it?

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Nick, that's....

by gadgetgirl In reply to The uniforms are wrong

Margaret BLUDDY Thatcher, and what she has to do with it, is that she virtually one handedly closed every manufacturing base within the Tyneside area, including shipping, coal, rail and breweries.

Bluddy woman.


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Even the breweries? :0

by NickNielsen In reply to The uniforms are wrong

That's not only bad business, it's just plain cruel!

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Every time I hear this radio advert, I think of you :)

by neilb@uk In reply to New-CASS-ul .....! (nt)

Mum, I'm hungry, Mum. Can I have these strawberries?

No! They are for...Mummy and Daddy's picnic.

Mum, can I have this whipped cream?

No, that's for Mummy and Daddy's picnic, too.

Mum, Mum, can I have this chocolate body paint?

Eat the strawberries!


It's an advert for a Seat car??!!

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