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    ABIT ATA/66 Problems


    by bjackey13 ·

    I have an ABIT BP6 Mobo with an onboard ATA/66 controller made by Highpoint Technologies. My Win2000 system has the latest Bios and HPT366 (the ATA controller) drivers installed. I can boot to Safe Mode, and the system operates fine, but when I boot normally I get a BSOD and an IRQ_LESS_THAN error message right as the splash screen finishes loading. I’ve tried ACPI on and off, And all possible configs of PNP OS = Yes or No. Still it won’t boot. Both the drives are seen by the ATA66 BIOS. I can boot them normally if I use normal EIDE.

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      ABIT ATA/66 Problems

      by mphoffar ·

      In reply to ABIT ATA/66 Problems

      On a few ata66 drives I’ve seen, there was a utility you had to download from the vendor to enable the drive to use the ata66 technology.

      The only other thing I can think of that give you headaches with that would if somehow there was a 16 bit drivers being loading in the autoexec or config.

      Good luck to you


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      ABIT ATA/66 Problems

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to ABIT ATA/66 Problems

      This is pretty clearly a problem with how ABIT has implemented ATA/66 on their motherboard and they need to fix the driver.


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      ABIT ATA/66 Problems

      by bstei18 ·

      In reply to ABIT ATA/66 Problems

      I don’t think they have Highpoint drivers for Win2k yet do they? I don’t think that the reqular NT drivers will work here. If not, you could set the drive for ATA 33 for the time being. There seems to be a lot of companies behind on Win2k drivers.
      Good Luck!

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