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Problem Diagnosis Report

Product Name : Abit Ni8 Sli (V1.0)
Bios Version: C19-W83627-6A61EA1AC-13

Related Configuration:
CPU : Intel P4 630/3GHz/2MB L2/800FSB/LGA775/EMT64-HT
MEM : Corsair DDR2 533, 512 (Single Side) X 2 DIMM = 1024MB
CDR : LG DVD Combo (Location : IDE Channel 1 Master HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GEC)
DVR : SONY DVD RW (Location : IDE Channel 1 Slave SONY DVD RW DRU-
HDD : WDC 80GB, SATA2 as bootable OS (Location : IDE Channel 2 Master WDC WD800JD-00LSA0)
: WDC 80GB, SATA2 (WD800JD-00LSA0) as RAID 0 (Location : SCSI-0 : NVIDIA STRIPE 74.53G)
: Maxtor 80GB, PATA (Location : IDE Channel 0 Master Maxtor 6L80P0)
USB : WDC WD1600JB-00GVC0 USB Device (Location : USB-HDD0 : WDC WD1600JB-60GVC0 0
VGA : 1 X PCIEx, LeadTech WinFast PX6600TD, 256MB DDR2
SOC : Creative Audigy2 ZS Platinum
PSU : Atrix 500T (500Watts Real Power)

Hard Disk Boot Priority
1. Ch2 M. : WDC WD800JD-00LSA0
3. Bootable Add-in Cards (Non of Use)
4. Ch0 M. : Maxtor 6L080P0
5. USB-HDD0 : WDC WD1600JB-60GVC0 08

SYMPTOM 1. Unstable operation on Windows environment when you have RAID 0 or RAID 0+1 enable in BIOS setting. Sometime caused PC unable to shutdown except the monitor.

Solution : You may disable built-it Ethernet LAN during re-format both HDD and re-clean install of windows just to avoid nVidia Chipset installer from detect or map any subsystem memory hub controller. THEN WHAT THIS LAN USE FOR?

SYMPTOM 2. Unable to access to any of POP account due to ?nVidia Network Access Manager+Firewall? and unable to download of NAV updater and so on.. If you prefer to disable the Firewall, It won?t fix the problem at all but if you prefer to uninstall ?nVidia Network Access Manager+Firewall?, then you make a big mistake. Because After reboot your PC will instantly shutdown itself when you try to access your POP account and make a severe damage to other's application. Much worst your ?IDE Channel 0? as master or slave will lost or can?t be detect. The reason is ?nVatabus.sys and nv4_mini.sys? caused the HDD corrupted!

Solution : You cannot re-install nVidia Chipset driver again as it may end with error code :1155, You also cannot re-install windows to repair the previous one, It?s will cause ?blue death screen? but you may need to re-format both HDD and re-clean install of windows again. Due to the successful of nVidia Chipset driver installation (make sure do not boot the computer this time) You may need to set the ?ForceWare Intelligent Application Manager? or ?IAM? in the background service to ?Manual?. Choose ?Disable? may cause you unable to hook on some web in the net mask. NO PATCH, NO UPDATER, THEN WHAT THIS nVIDIA ARMOUR DOES FOR?

SYMPTOM 3. Northbridge Chipset too hot even windows has nothing to do (low load capacity). Please note: overheat (Without attempting any OC) mean degrading over-all PC performance and indeed shorten it life. Abit Engineer had attached a small heat sink and heat pipe as a quite and cooling (Q-OTES) solution but the heat dissipation still not efficiency. Even Southbridge Chipset also as the same matter with poor location and worst to dissipate heat. Run the computer more than 5 hours will generate more heat and finally will instantly shutdown the computer itself and lost of data or the HDD damages after reboot. After all you might see ?blue death screen? as follow:

*** stop: 0x 0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XF59D9174, 0XF7C80D3C, 0XF7C80A3

***nv4_mini.sys - address F59DE174 base at F5946000, DateStamp 40746958

Solution : In this case you need to un-plug any USB HDD attached on this computer or your BOOT/POST will freeze forever. You also need to disable any RAID in your BIOS setting. Otherwise windows unable to load because it kindly busy with ?nVata bus? subsystem driver. After all you will see an error stamping in windows as follow:

Error signature
BCCode : 96 BCP1 : 8634C6D0 BCP2 : 8056B4FC BCP3 : 8056B4C0
BCP4 : 8056F02A OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1

If this kind of message, You better see in ?Computer Management ?System? If it as follow:


Might be one or more your HDD attempt to destructive. THEN WHAT STORAGE OF IMPORTANCE DATA/MOBO FOR?

SYMPTOM 4. If you attach external HDD hook on USB Port to use for transfer several folder that contains DVD Movies & Audio, Then this computer soon lost map with the drive, example : transferring the folder named as ?xMYDVD~1? and others folder with capacity at least 10GB in simultaneous time transferring (Copy & Paste or Cut & Paste). This transferring soon or later will lost connection with message "Error copying file: Cannot read from the source file or disk" or similar to:

An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk3\D during a paging operation.

Cannot copy The xMYDVD~1 - xxxxxx: Cannot find the specified file.
Make sure you specify the correct patch and file name.


The Human Interface Device Access service terminated with the following error:
The specified module could not be found.

If you run backup program i.e.: NTI BackUp Now 4! To create backup file, then this computer will instantly shutdown and restart itself. After windows load you will see an error message, it?s a critical or serious ?System Error? message as follow:

Error signature
BCCode : 96 BCP1 : 862DDBD0 BCP2 : 8056B4FC BCP3 : 8056B4C0
BCP4 : 8056F02A OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1

Detail Description:

Even Properties:
Source : System Error, Category: (102), Even I 1003
Error code 00000096, parameter1 862ddbd0, parameter2 8056b4fc, parameter3 8056b4c0, parameter4 8056f02a.

If You use MusicMatch Jukebox for tagging or editing some mp3s then you will see this :

Even Properties:
Source : System Error, Category: (102), Even I 1003
Error code 00000096, parameter1 862d6c58, parameter2 8056b4fc, parameter3 8056b4c0, parameter4 8056f02a.

Solution : This kind of error caused damage to the media files. A MUST Avoid to transfer any huge/long file name in simultaneous time.

NOTE : This MOBO really had lots of designing problem. Abit?s shouldn?t try to compete with other?s competitor before they do RESEARCH before develop to production line and finally keep quite after sale fail functioning question or any ask for support.
Abit gain with wide range of MOBO, unfortunately it fail for what it should be.


(We assumed none of overclocking were applied on this mobo whether in bios or in windows environment.)


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