By geekeeper ·
I have Abode 7 and it does not work right. It will lock up and freeze on me especially at page margins, sometimes will take 5 inutes to unlock and go to the next page, it is really quite a mess.
I have tried to uninstall it and reinstall and it will not let me , nor will it let me upgrade to 8.0, says there is an error or that it don't exist in the fiorst place. Outside of reformatting my entire windows xp I am at a loss. I tried to call Abode and they told me it would cost $39 just to speak with one of their technicians since it is a free program.
I am a full time college student scheduled to get my Associates later this month but am mobing on towards getting my Bachelors.
This problem with the Abode even has my schools techs stumped. Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can continue my studies without all this added aggravation.

Thank you so much if you can assist me.

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Re: Abode

by theoutlawtorn70 In reply to Abode

Can you detail your config plz?

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you don't have abode

by Dr Dij In reply to Abode

you have abode reader.
abode is a $400 program to edit and create the PDFs

their latest versions are a horror. I tried opening the SW BOK PDF online and it would seriously messup the screen, pasting chunks of screen outside the PDF into the PCF fiewing ara.

Bood luk with abode!! (and you speling:)

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My apologies for the spelling,..

by geekeeper In reply to you don't have abode

I am just quite frustrated by this entire thing. And you are correct my issue IS with Adobe Reader. I know the answer has to be a simple error on my part, and I am overlooking somehow.
I use Windows XP. When I go to remove programs to uninstall the Adobe Reader 7.0.5 I receive this message.
?This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that there is a valid Windows Installer patch package.?
When I go to upgrade to 8.0 it will download successfully. However, once I get to set up it says that "an older version of Adobe Reader 8 is present and cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group."
I have done a search looking for everything I can find regarding Adobe Reader 8 thinking to remove it that way, but I have not been successful at finding what the issue is.
I am honestly beginning to think reformatting just might be the only way for me to fix this.

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I just thought was funny

by Dr Dij In reply to My apologies for the spel ...

so maybe you can see some of the humor to temper your frustration :)

particularly because I'm a stickler for spelling but the fater I type the more error screep in, like just this line

and so I just typed faster and left the errors in the previous post. Didn't try to create them (except for spelling abode)

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by geekeeper In reply to I just thought was funny

Thank you

I already noticed two words to type slowly payingparticular attention to detail are "count" and "clock". Type them fast and leave out certain letters can lead one to definite humiliation when everyone starts laughing at you.

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wonder if it is Windows Installer issue

by sgt_shultz In reply to you don't have abode

2 cents worth:
1-can you go back to restore point to get rid of acrobat reader
2-can you cheat to get the job done and install a good free pdf reader - like Foxit or you can get it from
i don't know of any issues, i use 7 and it works ok. maybe you have other performance hits like fragmented harddrive, bad ram or

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can you try this site?

by Dr Dij In reply to wonder if it is Windows I ...
this pdf is what went flaky on me.
page up and down when you get it loaded
it was leaving all sorts of screen residue for me

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You may have hit on something there ...

by geekeeper In reply to wonder if it is Windows I ...

I almost wonder if a restore may have started this problem in the first place come to think of it.
I say this for the reason it was working until a few months ago while trying to fix a different issue I did a system restore. I do not seem to detect any spyware, my system checks out clean. I tried defragmenting thought that would fix the error however nothing changed.
I will give the other reading program a shot ... thet is a great idea, thank you.
Anything to enable me to read my required texts and keep advancing toward my graduation goals. I ordered my Java and Networking Texts however much of the information I get is in the form of PDF files so having a working reader is an absolute must have. I have no desire to loose my 3.62 GPA just because I am unable to read the materials, so this suggestion seems very reasonable to me.

Thank you very much

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