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about a Promise PCI IDE controller

By emperor ·
sometimes ago I have bought a Promise IDE PCI controller, TX2 ULTRA100. I need to connect a CD-rom Asus 50x. Promise told me that I could do it. At first it worked without problems but after the autorun didn't started because the peripheral didn't see the cd. For once the operative system told me that the unity in the reader was not FORMATTED. It's evident a bad recognition of the peripheral from the system. After some days the CD-rom was broken. Promise told me that the controller was defective and sent me a TX2 ULTRA 133, connecting it this time my IBM 120 GXP hard disk and I have risked to damage it with the IBM utility "drive fitness test" formatting at low level through their controller. They said "we have fully used the utilityand it has worked" it was absolutely not true, also confirmed by IBM which had warned me in precedence that the functions of the program would not have been available. I have tried to install WindowsXP but the procedure is stopped with a message: Anerror is occurred, the loading of the system has been stopped for avoiding a damage hardware.I have tried to connect the hard disk to the mainboard Ide channel and I have ascertained that the driver of the controller wasn't loaded. It continue to bestrange the reticence of Asus to answer on a possible damage of the cd rom connected to a PCI IDE controller. Promise has talked of an incompatibility to the series 180 GXP, but evidently it subsists also with mine. It also seemed to be a loss of data that unfortunately I cannot quantify. If I inserted the controller on the slot 5 (motherboard A7V266-C) the hard disk wasn't recognized and If I inserted it on the slot 1 and 2 the operative system assigned the same IRQ ( 11) of the graphic card, therefore to risk of problems on the sharing of resources. On the slot 4 the motherboard not handed defeasible the post and spontaneously restart in a loop.

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PCI buss voltage?

by TheChas In reply to about a Promise PCI IDE c ...

I have been trying to think of how a IDE controller could damage a drive connected to it.

Then, a thought came to mind.
Could the motherboard be running the PCI buss at 3.3 volts?
And, could that be the issue?

I looked at both Asus's and Promises documantation, and could not confirm either the PCI buss voltage on the A7V266, nor if Promise requires a 5 volt PCI buss voltage.

The specification for PCI buss 2.2 does specify that systems must be either voltage tolerant, or designed to not plug into the wrong voltage buss.

However, the only way that I can see for a controller to damage a drive is for the drive's electronics to be running at 5 volts, and the controller to be running at 3.3 volts.
Over time, the output lines on the drive controller could weaken and fail.
This would explain why BIOS and Windows recognize the drive, but cannot access the data.

Now, who's to blame?
Neither and both!
Neither, because they are covered by disclaimers in their EULA's
Both, because neither warned of any consequences of using an IDE contoller on a 3.3 volt PCI buss.

Of course, all this assumes that the ASUS board runs the PCI buss at 3.3 volts, and not 5 volts.

If the above is not what happened, then I do not have any good explanations as to how the drives were damaged.


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