About Acer Aspire 5500z Keyboard Issue

By DennisHou ·
?Hi, I'm using the laptop named above in the title. My Left Arrow Key had loose and after I fix the key back, it become 'lower' than other keys' position and become slanting like this: \ .

What I'm going to do now and please help me, if anyone knows how to correctly and completely fix a loose key please reply me and post some pictures thank you!!

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Replace the faulty Keyboard with a new one

by OH Smeg In reply to About Acer Aspire 5500z K ...

That is the best way to proceed here as once they start to break down they are way too expensive to muck around with.


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You run the risk of losing all functionality ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to About Acer Aspire 5500z K ...

If you continue to fiddle with how a particular key looks. There is only so much luck with keyboards and if you continue to remove/replace a particular key, you stand the chance of mucking up other keys by damaging the trace lines that run below the level of the keys.

Best idea, as has already been suggested, is to replace the entire keyboard.

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